T2: This Could Be Tom’s Last Season

Recently re-signed CB Terrell Thomas appeared on the NFL Network this morning and made some interesting comments.

First off, he is rehabbing well and expects to compete for a roster spot this summer. Second, he thought the ‘youth movement’ in the secondary took a toll on the defense in 2012.

T2 also believes there will be quite a bit of contract restructuring this spring in order to give the Giants the cap relief they need. He also believes Tom Coughlin may be looking to retire after this season….

As per Tom Rock of Newsday via Sulia:

“I thought it was this season, but I think he has one more in him,” Thomas said. “We have a great nucleus of guys and I don’t think he wants to give that up. That passion is still burning in him. He’s in that facility all day every day. He’s going crazy not being able to coach and watch film. He lives and breathes football. He has everybody in there all day every day in the offseason. So I think he wants to go out on top. Hopefully we can get it right and bring a Super Bowl home in Giants Stadium.”

Coughlin is under contract until after the 2014 season, so it maybe possible that he and the Giants come to a buy-out scenario at the end of this year.

Knowing the Giants, they are already looking for or grooming their next coach. Good luck trying to guess that one correctly…