Jul 31, 2015; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin during training camp at Quest Diagnostics Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

What Tom Coughlin said at Giants training camp

Q: How does Victor Cruz look?

A: He actually went on the ground one time and actually felt good about doing that. That’s one hurdle. He was out there and working and enjoying himself. So there’s more to come.

Q: They (Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham Jr.) didn’t start the first period but they were in like the second, it’s just…?

A: It’s just going to be a kind of rotation. They have a pitch count, they have a work load. One guy is watching one thing and coaches counting the other.

Q: I don’t know about you, but whenever Victor or Odell were on the field, I just wanted to see them finish the play and what they did when they walked back. Were you that cognizant and thinking, ‘hey, are they okay?’

A: Well, I watch what everybody else watches. When something good happened and I saw it breakout, I listen for the whistle to blow and then I move my eyes somewhere else.

Q: We talked to the guys before practice and all the offensive guys kept saying this is going to be an explosive offense. Did you see that today when you were watching?

A: Well, it’s the first day. We’ve got a ways to go.

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Photos of Jason Pierre-Paul’s hand released

The New York Daily News released the first photos of Jason Pierre-Paul’s hand following surgery to amputate the stud defensive end’s right index finger and repair his fractured theme.

These photos come in the aftermath of Giants owner John Mara, coach Tom Coughlin and teammates expressing uncertainty over Pierre-Paul’s injury because of a lack of communication between the player and the team.

Pierre-Paul’s injury stemmed from a Fourth of July fireworks incident, which resulted in surgery 10 days after. The saga also included the Giants pulling their long-term offer to the defensive end, who was slapped with the franchise tag earlier in the offseason as the two sides hoped to reach a long-term agreement.

As a result, Pierre-Paul will play out what is essentially a one-year deal with the team in 2015.

Pierre-Paul is expected to miss Week 1 of the season and perhaps some time beyond then.

Sam Spiegelman

There’s nothing graphic about these photos, but they do reveal what a lot of us have been preparing to see for just about a month’s time.

Pierre-Paul’s hand is bandaged up extensively and the defensive end’s arm is wrapped in a sling to alleviate pressure on the surgically repaired hand.

Of course, these photos were taken in South Florida, where Pierre-Paul underwent surgery. It doesn’t explain why he has not responded to texts from Coughlin or some of his teammates, who on Thursday expressed concern over his teammate in interviews as they landed at Giants training camp.

Given that Pierre-Paul remains in Florida heavily bandaged up, it does appear he is in any rush to report to training camp.

Until Pierre-Paul addresses the media, this situation remains very much a mystery.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants

What we learned from Odell Beckham Jr. on Friday

Here is what we learned from WR Odell Beckham Jr. during his media session this morning:

  • Beckham Jr. feels that he “clicks” with QB Eli Manning and it has been a luxury to learn from a two-time Super Bowl MVP.
  • His goal this season is to be the last team standing and hoist up the Lombardi Trophy as a Super Bowl Champion.
  • After what felt like a long offseason, Beckham Jr. is excited to get back out on the field during training camp.
  • In his rookie season he learned a lot from Manning. The work he put in at meetings, on the field and the way it translated into performance on the field have rubbed off on him. “I’m always trying to learn from the older guys.”
  • When it comes to receivers he has tried to emulate, he has watched film on Jerry Rice, Chris Carter and Randy Moss in hopes of taking some of their style and incorporating it into his own game.
  • Playing football since he was 12, through high school, college and now the NFL — he doesn’t know the last time he felt 100 percent healthy.
  • He is excited to play alongside Victor Cruz and Reuben Randle. Having played with Randle at LSU and knowing what he is capable of, he is expecting a big year out of him.
  • After playing only 12 games last season due to a hamstring injury, he still considers himself a rookie until he plays those four games missed. He joked “Maybe I can win rookie of the week in one of those first four weeks.”
  • On how he approaches handling the media in New York, “I try to stay out of trouble. I’m just focused on what I came here to do, which is play football.”


News and notes from around the NFC East

Sam Spiegelman

As the four NFC East teams brace for training camp this weekend, we have the latest news from the New York Giants’ rivals.

In the nation’s capital, second-year cornerback Bashaud Breeland has been handed a one-game suspension stemming from a marijuana possession citation from August 2014, NFL Network reported.

Last summer, Breeland, then a rookie, was cited for possession of marijuana on the VCU campus before Washington left Richmond for the end of training camp.

Breeland, a fourth-round pick out of Clemson in 2014, was the team’s slot cornerback a year and was primed for an even bigger role in Washington’s secondary going into this season.

In Dallas, the defending NFC East champions have had plenty of attention placed on their backfield this offseason. It didn’t help that newly acquired Darren McFadden has continued to sit out of practice.

Perhaps the Cowboys are in need of running back help. If so, Steven Jackson has offered his services.

Jackson tweeted out this photo on Thursday need with his number, 39, above Cowboys Stadium.

Jackson has been injury plagued with the Falcons the past couple of seasons since his Pro Bowl days as a member of the Rams. It wouldn’t be the biggest stretch in the world for Dallas to add a veteran, though.

Finally, the much-talked about Eagles have a quarterback competition taking place between Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez. But it’s Tim Tebow who’s obviously garnering attention.

Tebow is battling Matt Barkley for likely the No. 3 job, but could see the field more often than anticipated — according to teammate Brandon Graham.

“Tim Tebow is going to shock a lot of people, because he is going to make the team,” Graham told WGPR (107.5 FM) in Detroit, via ESPN. “And I think he will play a lot.”

Maybe it’s the extended extra points. Maybe it’s that Chip Kelly will use some Tebow packages. Who knows?


Key Giants are finally healthy as training camp gets underway

Sam Spiegelman

The New York Giants have been one of the most unfortunate teams in the league when it comes to injuries to players in key spots (Fennelly, July 24).

In addition to Jason Pierre-Paul, top slot receiver Victor Cruz and second-year stud Odell Beckham Jr. have been sidelined for the bulk of the offseason. The same goes for linebacker Jon Beason, the team’s defensive leader. Then of course, there’s franchise left tackle Will Beatty’s weight room incident will keep him out of commission until November.

As players gathered Thursday before the start of training camp, they provided updates in their injury recoveries.

Beason, 30, played in four games last season. He’ll likely be placed on a snap count throughout camp to avoid a setback, but he’s still grateful just to return to the field and assume his regular role.

“I haven’t gotten much sleep the last couple nights just chomping at the bit. I’m excited to get back out here and play ball. It’s obviously something I love to do, but I’m ready to get out there and compete and enjoy,” Beason said on Thursday.

“As a leader, you want to lead by example so you need to be out there taking all the reps, running to the ball, practicing hard, to set that example. Then when you tell someone they need to do the same, then it’s a merit to it. It’s on the film as opposed to you doing a rep or two, come out, we’re being smart, but then how do you get on a guy about practicing hard (when you’re limited), so I hope not.”

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