Should the Giants re-sign JPP?

Loud Mouths’ Adam Schein and Sal Licata discuss whether Jason Pierre-Paul is worth the money the Giants might have to pay to re-sign him.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

The guys are spot on with their analysis. JPP is not the feared pass rusher he was when he first entered the league. Therefore, he should not be paid as such. He has 33 sacks in 66 games, which averages out to .5 per game, or eight per season. Only problem is, he got half his sacks in 2011.  Since then, he’s had just 12 sacks in his last 34 games.

His presence still carries weight, but he’s not the game-changer he once was and probably never will be. Injuries have stripped away much of his god-given natural talent, but he’s still only 25 and has plenty of football left in him. But at what level and price?

The Giants have already gotten more than they could have asked for from JPP. His rookie contract ends this year. The deal was a lucrative one for the Giants: five-years, $20.05 million with $11,629,807 million guaranteed. His 2014 salary – just $2.111 million.

Of course, JPP will make more – from someone else, if not the Giants – in 2015. He will garner major interest in the free agent market. For the record, here are the top-25 DEs in terms of salary (

As you can see, the Giants will have to pay JPP at least $6 million per, and that would be a sweetheart, hometown deal in their favor. My guess is just what Schein said. The Giants will let JPP hit the market and jump in if the price is right. If not, they go with Damontre Moore in his spot and sign snd/or backfill the DE spot through the draft or free agency.

NFC East Report: Giants heading down the standings

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

The NFC East is gaining a lot of respect these days, something few would have thunk at the beginning of the season. The 16 wins by the four teams are the most of any division in the league through seven weeks. The division has become a two-team race between Dallas and Philadelphia with the Giants and Washington fighting for a distant third. To read more of this story, click here

Can the Giants run the table?

Adam Schein and Eamon McAnaney discuss the recent comments from Jason Pierre-Paul and the Giants’ upcoming schedule.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

They’re optimism and then there is realism. Players are paid to be optimistic, but the rest of us are not. Fans and the media can assess the situation and then call it as they see it.

The way I see it right now, is that the Giants are in trouble. They face the Colts, Seahawks, 49ers and Cowboys in succession when they return from their bye week. As things stand, they aren’t playing good enough offense or defense to beat a contending team. They have lost a captain on each side of the ball (Jon Beason, Victor Cruz) and must rely on their backups and rookies to step up and play at a high level.

Down the road they have winnable games vs the Titans, Jaguars and Redskins but then have to face the Rams and Eagles to close out the season. Optimism alone will not keep them from another losing season.

Beason: ’50-50′ on if he’ll need surgery

Jon Beason conceded that he might get foot surgery and end his season.

“Right now, I’d say it’s 50-50 if the smart thing is to get it fixed and get ready for next season,” he said (Rock, Oct. 21).

Beason is in North Carolina visiting a foot specialist and said he might have the surgery now to try and head into next season healthy. The surgery will likely require a 12-week recovery time.

Beason signed a three-year contract worth $16.8 million this offseason, with $6-7 million guaranteed.

Cruz: ‘Week 1 in the books! Be back in no time!’

Victor Cruz is one week out from surgery on his knee for a torn patellar tendon.

He seems to be in good spirits.

Cruz posted the photo below on Instagram with the caption: “Week 1 in the books! Be back in no time!”

Daily News Live: Antrel Rolle

Antrel Rolle joins Daily News Live to discuss the team’s defense following their 31-21 loss to the Cowboys on Sunday.


JPP says don’t count out the Giants just yet

Jason Pierre-Paul believes in the Giants, despite their 3-4 record.

“I think we are fine,” Pierre-Paul said Monday. “It was a tough loss. As far as the team, we know what we can do if we all get on the same path. We spoke to some guys and said to do whatever you have to do on your bye week and get away from football. Just focus on something else, but when we come back it is time to turn it on.”

With two losses in a row heading into the bye and a tough schedule coming up after it, the Giants will have an uphill battle to make the playoffs.

“There is a lot more football to be played,” Pierre-Paul said. “Don’t give up on us yet.”