Does Tough Schedule Benefit or Hurt Giants Down the Stretch?

What would you rather have to finish the season: a schedule of cream puffs (if that even exists anymore) or a schedule that challenges you every week?

Well, the Giants usually don’t have a choice. Every year, it seems their schedule is among the toughest in football. This year is no different. They finish the season by visiting two first-place teams in Atlanta and Baltimore before finishing up at home vs the hated Eagles.

The Eagles may actually be the toughest – and most important – game the Giants play the next few weeks. First off, they always have trouble with Philadelphia.

Second, the Eagles have regained their footing with Nick Foles under center and lastly, it’s a division game the Giants need to win to even their record at 3-3. Division record is a major tiebreaker in the event of a tie in the standings.

The Daily News Live panel discusses whether a tough schedule actually benefits the New York Giants going down the stretch.