Super Bowl XLVIII: What’s the least painful matchup for local fans?

Now that the Super Bowl tournament is down to four teams, the New York Metropolitan area is bracing for fans of four cities: Seattle, San Francisco, Denver and Boston.

Jet fans are praying the Patriots lose in Denver next Sunday. There is no way they want a New England invasion/celebration at MetLife in three weeks.

Giant fans have no real axe to grind with either the Seahawks or the Niners. Some favor Seattle because they feel San Fran engages in what one would call classless or less-than-desirable behavior. WR Antwan Boldin and head coach Jim Harbaugh are both becoming hated across the league.

Harbaugh is  very talented coach, heading to the NFC title game for the third straight season. But….he is complete tool during the game, ranting, raving and goading officials from whistle to gun. The league has to start slapping him with fines on top of his unsportsmanlike behavior.

Current Odds to win SB XLVIII

Seattle Seahawks 19/10
Denver Broncos 2/1
San Francisco 49ers 13/5
New England Patriots 24/5


How are u gunna say it doesn't matter that the 49ers are there? They were the giants fierce rivals in the 80s. Giants fans will always hate the 49ers for rolling over and dieing so the giants couldn't play them cuz they would get beat. You don't remember the 5 field goals? The Monday night football game where Ronnie Lott and Phil Simms got into it? Or when the giants blew a huge lead in the 2002 playoffs or whenever it was. And JUST a few years ago the giants beat them in one of the best NFC championships of all time. I'm 18 and I know more than u dude....


I know this is a totally selfish take but I like the fact that the Giants are the only team that deflates New England on the Super Bowl stage . . . but on the other hand the only professional accomplishment Eli has over his brother is 2 SB trophies and SB MVP awards to Peyton's one . . . so I guess what I'm saying is that I am not rooting for either AFC team very hard.  In the end, I'll pull for whoever comes out of the NFC (with the exception of Dallas/Philly) . . . like I do every year.

Twist my arm and I'll go Denver/Seattle and watch Seattle's defense against Peyton's offense and see who comes out on top.  I will say it's nice to see the higher ranked teams in the championship game for a change.