Read: Tom Coughlin on offensive changes

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

As we reported, Tom Coughlin was given his one-year extension today by the Giants to avoid becoming a “lame duck” coach in 2014. The deal assures the 67-year-old will coach through the 2015 season.

“Well, the Giants have always done that,” Coughlin said at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, as per Dan Salamone of “That was always indicated to me. I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to it, to be honest with you. We’ve had a lot of work going on in our business and our building, as you know. So I had great confidence that it would happen, and it did.”

Getting down to business, the coach was asked a few questions regarding the upcoming season. He was asked if he agreed with CEO John Mara’s assessment that the offense was “broken”:

“Did I agree that the offense was broken? I certainly agree that some things have to be fixed, let’s put it that way. But I wouldn’t have used that word.”

The offensive coaching staff has undergone an overhaul, and Coughlin was asked if the offense will look drastically different this season:

“I would say that you will notice some differences for sure. Anytime you have different people, personalities, play callers, you’ll see some differences. I think definitely we would maintain a commitment to the run, and that will be a factor no matter what. And that’s been agreed upon by all. But as far as changes, they may be subtle; there may be some drastic ones. But the number one thing will be the players, the team, the opportunity to again get ourselves back on track the way we need to be, the ball security issues being first and foremost. The obvious questions being made about the offensive line, we’ll see where that goes. Who knows what that would have been like last year had a couple of our guys been able to stay on the field.”

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

When you say the "deal assures the 67-year-old will coach through the 2015 season" do you mean this season which ends in 2015 or the next season which starts in 2015? Because I don't believe it guarantees that at all if you mean the later. The Giants once again won't let TC coach as a lame duck so next offseason the same decision will have to be made to either sign him to another extension or move on. This extension is just to keep it from being a topic of discussion in the media before and during this season.


@GiantsTalkLine > He really didn't say much. I'm sure McAdoo will run a up tempo style to some degree. Should be reflected in acquisitions.