Morning Links, Quotes: Giants’ offensive facelift begins

Today’s links…

McAdoo hiring a high-risk, high reward venture (Schwartz)
Giants closed deal quick on new OC (Orr) 
McAdoo brings new school of thought to old school Giants (Vacchiano) 
Giants receivers should benefit from new system (Graziano) 
Blue readying for fast-paced, West Coast style of offense (Hutchinson) 

Quotes of note this morning…

“I think he brings a lot to the table. Our players are going to be exited to hear what he has to say. He’s a very detail-oriented, meticulous teacher, a fundamentalist, first and foremost…I was very, very impressed by the presentation that he made, in terms of the fundamental details of his presentation, whether it is quarterback fundamentals, offensive philosophy. I was just very, very impressed with that.”” – Tom Coughlin on new OC Ben McAdoo

“We’re going to be an up-tempo, attacking-style offense. We’re going to play with good energy. And we’re going to rely on fundamentals…This will be the first job where I call plays on Sunday,” McAdoo said. “When you get your first opportunity in this league, you start to prepare for that (calling plays). I feel like with the way we prepared with the coaches, and Mike McCarthy does a great job getting the coaches ready, we’ll respond. I’m ready to take that task head on.” – Ben McAdoo

Peter Sinapi
Peter Sinapi

Reading some of these comments makes me think that perhaps Coughlin was not too happy with his players' effort this year. This is going to be fun. Oh and Sammy Watkins would look real good in the Randall Cobb role...oops, I mentioned that guy again. Sorry. #mancrushingsammy