ICYMI: Giants’ news of the week

The Giants signed Josh Freeman to a one-year deal to compete for their backup QB role…Former OC Kevin Gilbride does not believe QB Eli Manning is on the decline…Notre Dame OL Zach Martin is making more and more sense for the Giants in Round One of the NFL Draft…The Giants have until May 3rd to extend CB Prince Amukamara throughout the 2015 season…The team is getting good reports about the health of RB David Wilson…


Lewan would be a great pick at #12. The off-field incident is alarming, but I don't see it impacting his draft stock.

Addressing the TE position, the kid CJ Fiedorwicz from Iowa looks like an interesting prospect who could be taken in round 3 or 4. I'd rather wait and take a chance on developing him than address TE in rounds 1 & 2. 

Mark Movel
Mark Movel

Lewan, Matthews or Martin as a 1st round pick...solid move...best player available for the need...We need tackles...I like the idea of Goodin getting a look at Center. Herman and Mosley will get better...Matthews, lewan and then Martin. Hopefully Matthews falls into our lap


Memo to Reese; take the BEST available on the board!!


Nah we need eric ebron and then draft a center in the second round. We can't count on Kellen davis


Def hope they sign Prince. What are they waiting for? I'm very happy about Freeman coming on. I'm still made about the Pope firing and what it says about this organization.



Maybe they are trying to negotiate a longer term deal for less money per year. That's what I'd be doing if I was Reese.

Prince may not be a shut down #1 corner, but he's definitely someone that I want out on the field if we can get him at the right price.


@JamesWS Makes sense to me. And I'm hoping so. Him on the other side of Rodgers-Chromartie is a good look.


Happy Easter everybody!

The more I think about the upcoming draft, if Lewan, Donald, Evans or even Ebron are off the board, I can definitely see the Giants going for Zack Martin of ND with the 12th pick. He might not have the upside of Taylor Lewan, but he is versatile, smart, dependable and comes with none of the off field baggage that Lewan comes with. To me, this is a solid pick of a player who can step in relatively quickly and help solidify the OL for the next few years along with Pugh and Geoff Schwartz. Just something to think about leading up to the draft. YMMV...




LT- T. Lewan  "Off-Field Baggage" is a NON-Issue....

Lewan Is 100% Left Tackle and Has the SkillSet,

with the CORRECT Training Camp,

to Start at LT Game #1,

LT- Zack Martin Could Step in as LG-RG-RT, Game #1...

IMO, Not as LT Game #1....


there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE in SkillSet & Value.....


1. LT- Taylor Lewan

2. TE- Jace Amaro

3. C- Weston Richburg

TE Amaro is the Best ROUTE Runner & a Natural catcher....

With 106 Rec. for 1,352yds & 7 TD's....

Yes,  he Lined-Up in the Slot 4 of 5 Times,

But He CAN BLOCK !!! Just Watch the Tape ....

TE Amaro Blocked, LB'ers & DB's VERY WELL....

TE Amaro would Create Miss-Matches Game #1...

With a Knew O-System,

TE Amaro SkillSet could be a 3 down WEAPON....

I would Rather Teach,

TE Amaro how to Block Better, then teach,

TE Ebron to Block Better & Run ROUTE's..

Amaro is 1 inch Taller and Weighs 265lb's, Ebron 250LB's...

TE Amaro is a GIANT 2nd Round Sleeper....

if he's there.....

John Fennelly
John Fennelly

@Skookaloop  Lewan's legal problems are a "non-issue"...tell that to the Ann Arbor DA...he's taking it very seriously


@John Fennelly  


" Phone Threat", was from 2009 !!!

5 Years AGO.....

it was Only HEAR-SAY..... PERIOD.

The Ann Arbor Police,

who where at the VERY SCENE of the INCIDENT,

Spoke with ALL parties Involved,


NO charges where filed, THAT Night.

Later a DA files 2 Weak Charges,

Months After this "SERIOUS" Incident....

............ Most Late Night, College Parking Lot after Mid-Night ALTERCATION....

GO AWAY, this will too....

LT- T. Lewan #1 NYG Pick....


@John Fennelly  Of course he is, because he probably has a stick up his ass. Trust me, this case is a NON-ISSUE.