Giants come up dry with latest group of FAs

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

The Giants are still tweaking the roster, searching for all and any players that may be able to help fill their many open holes. Tuesday, they were to work out two quarterbacks, Matt Flynn and Josh Freeman, and a WR, Laron Byrd.

Flynn was a no-show, deciding to sign with one of his old teams – the Packers – rather than audition for the Giants. Freeman did show, but left without a contract.

Ebenezer Samuel of the Daily News thinks the Giants may not be done with him:

While Freeman has yet to sign, he could still be an option, and it’s possible the Giants are still evaluating him. Ex-Redskin Rex Grossman and the routinely disappointing Brady Quinn are among the free agent quarterbacks still available.

The Giants are expected to somehow add a quarterback in the coming days, even if that arm lasts only through offseason workouts and training camp. The Giants have veteran backup Curtis Painter and second-year man Ryan Nassib on the roster, and, at most, they’ll keep three QBs for the regular season.

Byrd also left town empty-handed. The recently-released Cardinal apparently did not impress the Giants yesterday…

Former Vikings DT Kevin Williams had a two-day fling with the Giants as well, but thus far the two sides have yet to come to an agreement.

From Mark Craig of the Star Tribune:

“Had a good visit and gonna see what happens!” Williams said via text message, indicating that the two sides have not made a decision despite the fact Williams left town without a deal.

Williams, who arrived in New York on Monday night, has not ruled out playing what would be a 12th NFL season after spending the first 11 with the Vikings. The Giants were the first team to bring Williams in for a visit. They’re looking for a tackle to play alongside Cullen Jenkins after the Vikings signed nose tackle Linval Joseph earlier in free agency.

Jeff Comerford
Jeff Comerford

One thing that cracks me up - is people going on and on about a 4th round draft choice.  Look at all of the Giants 4th round choices since 2000.  how many have made an impact?  DeOssie - on special teams.  Barry Cofield - who we lost as a free agent - possibly Andre Brown/Brandon Jacobs.

Let's be clear - none of these guys are hall of famers, most are role players at best

2012 4th rounders

Adrien Robinson

Brandon Mosley

2011 4th rounder

James Brewer

2010 4th Rounder

Philip Dillard

2009 4th Rounder

Andre Brown

2008 4th Rounder

Bryan Kehl

2007 4th Rounder

Zak Deossie

2006 4th Rounder

Barry Cofield

Guy Whimper

2005 4th Rounder

Brandon Jacobs

2004 4th Rounder

Reggie Torbor

2003 4th Rounder

Roderick Babers

2002 4th Rounder


2001 4th Rounder

Cedric Scott

Jesse Palmer (the batchelor)

2000 4th Rounder

Brandon Short


Another Sign of Weakness,

from a Once Great FRANCHISE:

ZERO QB Roster Depth....

Why spend 2, 2013 Draft Pick's, on a Back-Up QB....

who Took-Up a SPOT on the 53,

that you PRACTICED as a DB all last Season,

and NOW when you need HIM, and he's not READY !!!

It's these Behind the Scene MISTAKES,

that Keep ADDing UP !!!



Jeff Comerford
Jeff Comerford

There are two things to keep in mind in reviewing free agents.

1. Quality is important (Does Feeeman have his head on straight?)

2. Not overpaying for talent is another.  Not sure about Kevin William's salary expectations - but not sure we should break the bank for him.  If Freeman worked out well - is he realistic about what his value is on the market?

Peter Sinapi
Peter Sinapi

Kevin Williams would be a nice, solid DT in a rotation. The Vikings rush defense was middle of the pack and he played/started 15 games last year.

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@Skookaloop Even if Nassib or Painter was fully ready to be the #2, they would still need to sign another QB.  Teams need at least 3 QBs to run OTAs.  So with the potential for Eli to not be 100% by the beginning of OTAs, they would need a body simply to go through the drills.

So please, not every single move the Giants make is to cover up the GMs "mistakes".

You know, I really wish I was following this blog the year the Giants won SB46.

I would've loved to hear what Skook had to say about Reese as a GM then.

When REESE DRAFTED players like Bradshaw, Nicks, Manningham, Linval Joseph, and Prince, along with REESE SIGNED players like Rolle, Canty, Weatherford, Deon Grant, and VICTOR CRUZ were all MAJOR contributors to the Championship winning team.

John Fennelly
John Fennelly

@Peter Sinapi  Looks like they low-balled him, though. That's why he left. He's waiting to see if anyone comes to the plate.

Billy Suede
Billy Suede

I was here and he was trolling then too.

One trick trolls like him don't know anything else.

To people like him, it's championships every year or everyone must burn. Completely forgetting the fact there is a price to be paid when your team wins a chip. Even the best cap management and the best laid plan doesn't guarantee you'll be hoisting the trophy again the following year.

You don't hear patriots fans giving belichick and Brady this kind of grief and it's been ten years since they've won.

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@Billy Suede OK, I figured as much.  It didn't take me long here to realize he's one of those "Win it all or go 0-16 for a better draft pick, there's no in-between" kind of fans.

This idea that the Giants aren't a top-shelf organization anymore because they had a losing season and it's been whopping TWO seasons since they won a Championship is just laughable.

Consider the fate of the teams that are considered the other "Class" organizations.

Patriots Last Title: 10 Years Ago.

Packers: 3 Years Ago.

Steelers: 6 Years Ago.

49ers: 19 Years Ago.

Cowboys: 18 Years Ago.

Bears: 28 Years Ago.