Eli Manning had ankle surgery

7:06 p.m.: Eli Manning had a successful arthroscopic procedure on his left ankle this afternoon, the Giants announced.

The surgery stems from the high ankle sprain Manning suffered in the final game of the 2013 season.

The procedure, a debridement of the ankle, was performed by foot and ankle specialist Dr. Robert Anderson in Charlotte, N.C, the team said.

“I went through the recovery and rehab after suffering the sprain,” Manning said in a release. “I was still experiencing some discomfort as I began my normal offseason preparation, and after consultation, we felt the right thing was to have Dr. Anderson clean out the ankle. The doc tells me I should be running in about six weeks. I’m looking forward to the start of the offseason program on the 21st. I will be in the weight room and in the meeting rooms so we can all learn the new offense. I got some good work in this week at Duke, and I think it’s smart to get this procedure done now so the ankle isn’t an ongoing issue. I’m eager to get to work with our new offensive coaches and system.”

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Manning should be rounding out his rehab approximately a week before the Giants begin their first leg of OTAs on May 28. It may delay, however, his new on-field relationship with new OC Ben McAdoo and QB coach Danny Langsdorf.

The injury, as I have stated in prior posts, was more serious than many had thought. Tom Coughlin said at the NFL Combine in mid-March that Eli was still recovering, which pretty much told you the injury was severe and/or still lingering. Had the injury happened earlier in the season than it did, Eli’s consecutive starting streak (now at 151 games) would have certainly come to an end.

What does this mean to the Giants and their fans? It reveals that Eli is not invincible and the Giants have to be certain they have a viable backup on the roster. Curtis Painter is back (I know, so what?). So is Ryan Nassib, who needs to show massive progress this offseason for the Giants to even consider keeping him. He’s gone from coveted asset to impending bust in a hurry.


ELI should have Started the Game,

then been Pulled in the 1st Q !!!!


----------SHAMEFUL ....


in the LAST Game, of a LOST Season,


A Once Great Historic Franchise,

has Crumbled, under POOR MANAGEMENT....

.........................TRUELY, SAD


I would have liked to see Nassib take some snaps and get his feet wet during those blowouts last season.  The front office has kept very quiet about Nassib and their plan for him moving forward.  This can't be good news.  I would give the Texans Nassib and our twelve for Clowney.

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

@Skookaloop When did it become the GMs job to decide when to pull a QB or anyone else out of a game? You're really stretching your Reese hatred too thin here. Not everything negative that ever happens is his fault.

Gary Dinapoli
Gary Dinapoli

@gigantes if the giants move up 11 spots they will have to give next years #1 and this years # 2



If Reese was able to pull that off Jerry would no longer be just a GM. He would now be Reese the Magnificent Master of Illusion. Basically, that deal has zero chance of happening. Nice try though... 


@Brian Webster @Skookaloop  

I Don't Hate REESE,


for HIS Management Choices,

There Seem to be,


and YES...


has the POWER to SHUT DOWN the QB.....

SO Brian Webster,

would YOU have Let ELI Play ???

with the GIANTs crippled O-Line,

in the Last Game of the Year,

in a LOST Season,

Where the other Teams,

 Franchise QB,

was Pulled, 2 WEEKs ago....

So HE would NOT get Hurt....

The RIGHT Call was....

Let ELI play the 1st set of Downs, then OUT...

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@Skookaloop @fast_eddie

Mr. Skook---

If AVERAGE means,

every 6 years you can GUARANTEE me......

2 SB wins,

a #1 seed in the NFC,

and 3 mediocre/poor seasons,  

I'd sign up for them being an AVERAGE franchise.