Big Blue BlitzCast: The Offseason Brings Changes

SNYGiants contributors Craig Santucci and Marco Imperati discuss the end of a losing season for the Giants, the new coaching changes, and what’s in store for Big Blue this offseason.


Off-season blue print

Free agents: sign Mack to replace Baas top priority. Bring back beason, tuck and Joseph.

Draft: first round: OT Robinson, lewan, Mathews, or Cyrus.

Second round: LB Troy Van Noy

Third: rb tre mason or TE Troy Nicklas or DT Daniel Cullers

I think the first three rounds should go offense. I think Van Noy in the second would be good but the giants are not too high on LB so I wouldn't be surprised if it's another position like Wr or Cb which is an option if a guy like kelvin Benjamin falls to them.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@jaymanjay Although anything is possible in regards to Jerry Reese. However; I would be surprise if the Giants draft another OL in back to back years. Also, I can't see the Giants handing the LT position over to a rookie to protect Mannings blind side. There are plenty of LT in the free agent market that won't break the bank. 

1.  Mack is a premiere center, but could be too costly. Brian De La Puente, Evan Dietrich-Smith and even Rich Ohrnberger are upgrades over Baas and would most likely cost half the amount of Mack.

2. Joseph is arguably the best FA DT on the market overall in terms of age, production and health, so I expect him to get a ton of interest  and could be too costly as well.

3. Tuck is on the bubble only if he demands or expects a similar contract as the last one. However; if he agrees on a 2 year deal for $3M per, then I would re-sign him.

4. In regards to the draft, I know its fun to project prospects (mock draft) destinations, but the truth of the matter is that it is much too early to even come close to an accurate prediction.

SNYGiants moderator

@jaymanjay I like it but Niklas may go much earlier than RD 3


Love Nicklas size and upside but there are some good tight end in this draft and I'm betting that Nicklas falls only because he probably should stayed at nd one more year to get more starters reps. I think taking him second round at the giants selection is a little high at this point especially if you have a kelvin Benjamin right there or Van NOy. I would trade up in the third for him butt he giants don't do that at all. Tre Mason at rb would be a nice back selection though and a steal.