Beckham missed practice again on Friday

Odell Beckham Jr. has been in camp all week, but hasn’t practiced since Tuesday. He missed practice again on Friday due to his tweaked hamstring.

When will he return?

“You’ll know before I know probably,” head coach Tom Coughlin said.

Beckham Jr. tweaked his hamstring on Tuesday, GM Jerry Reese said. Beckham was limited in practice on Wednesday due to the injury. He did not practice at all on Thursday. He was also extremely limited in OTAs due to a slight hamstring tweak (BBB, June 5).

“He seems like he’s frisky enough out here,” Coughlin said. “Today he was catching the ball from the machine and seemed to be moving around okay. So hopefully it’s not going to take too long.”


I think we need to look at the situation because this seems like it happens every year I blame the strength and conditioning coaches please get better we need you.i don't know maybe I am wrong. I just don't want to see another first round pick miss a lot of time

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@Brian Webster  Yes.  Lets label him a bust 4 days into training camp.  I assume you wanted them to take an O-Lineman with their pick?

Makes me think back to 2003.  People were PISSED, like, genuinely PISSED when the Giants did the Draft/Trade of Eli and Rivers instead of taking "can't miss" LT ROBERT GALLERY.

If you recall, the Giants O-line was pretty bad the year before, and Kerry Collins missed the last 3 games after getting hurt behind a pretty porous O-Line. A lot of people were clamoring for them to replace Luke Petitgout with Gallery.

How bout we let this thing play out a little more than 4 days?

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

@Michael Frias Nice story. 1st of all Eli was taken in the 2004 draft. 2nd and more importantly the Giants had the 4th pk and Gallery went 2nd so they never could've drafted him. Thirdly you can't compare taking a potential franchise QB that high in the draft when you don't have 1 on your team with taking a WR at 12 when they already had Cruz and Randle and Jernigan had the finish to the season he did. Plus the draft was deep with WR later in draft and it's usually pretty easy to pick up a decent vet like they did with Manningham. And lastly to answer your question yes I wanted the Giants to take OL Zack Martin in the 1st Rd.