The 2015 NFL Draft will not be held in NYC

The NFL Draft has been held in New York City since 1965 and at Radio City Music Hall specifically since 2006. According to reports, that is all about to change. From Rotoworld:

The 2015 NFL Draft will be held in either Los Angeles or Chicago.
London must have been unavailable. The draft has been held in New York every year since 1965. The change is supposedly the result of Radio City Music Hall being unavailable, but in reality, taking the show on the road makes sense as the next step in the evolution of the draft as a spectacle. There have been reports that the 2015 draft could even be split between two cities, and across four days.

The news was broken last night by veteran LA Times columnist Sam Farmer on his Twitter account.

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Roger Goodell and the NFL do not like to be manipulated, which is what happened this year in New York. The draft is usually held the last weekend of April at RCMH but was bumped to the second week of May by a new Rockettes production, which was subsequently cancelled by Garden head James Dolan.

The media was also not pleased with the accommodations. The press box has always been in the orchestra section, very close to the stage. This year, the media was shoved up to the second mezzanine, far from the action. Many did not return after opening night.

The NFL decided to place fans in the orchestra instead. Goodell was justly rewarded with a shower of boos when he took the podium to open the draft.

Billy Suede
Billy Suede

more money for the nfl and goodell gets the opportunity to show dolan up. goodell must think he's god.