Thursday Morning Links: The Big Freeze is Upon Us

Man, it’s cold outside. Nearly a foot of snow fell on the NYC Metro Area on Tuesday night and now the frigid temperatures will keep it around well into Super Bowl Week.

Here are your daily links to keep you warm….

  • Snee still contemplating his football future (Graziano)
  • Victor likes the idea of an up-tempo offense (DeMarzo)
  • Nicks provided plenty of thrills while he was here (Hutchinson)
  • Marc Ross is bridesmaid again in GM derby (Samuel)
  • What should the Giants do with Brandon Myers? (Orr)


JR will have a solid year, mainly because I think Fish and Phil will have him on a short leash. If he pulls one of his ridiculous antics, or starts whining about coming off the bench, I don't see new staff tolerating it. With a budding THJ and a healthier Shump eager to impress, JR needs to stay focused. In 2012-2013, JR was our second best scorer. We'll see if he's finally "gotten it.".


Phil got J.R. too late in his career.  If he had been able to coach (or be around) him when he was in his early 20's, I think J.R. would have been willing to listen and it would have translated into more of a winning player.  I suspect now though that  J.R. will never change.  He definitely has a lot of talent, and calling him a "mediocre bench player" like one commenter has below is not giving him enough credit as a player, but any team that is forced to rely upon him in order to be successful is going to be in trouble.


Can you guys look talk about the rumors recently about Shump at the 1?


I have visited the blog since 2009 and I used to comment back then but over the last year or so, I was less interested because of all the bickering. 

Reminds me of when people used to be all over Tommy Dee and after he bounced people were clamoring for him. Just can't satisfy folks.

The articles recently have been decent. The comment numbers are low now but the season hasn't started yet. Also, the podcasts are top notch. Donohue and Moke (Big shout out to Hempstead!) are killin it!!

Keep up the good work to all of you.

Kyle Hodges
Kyle Hodges

Wow, really? So let me get this right, a team that won 54 games 2 seasons ago, returned 5 key pieces of that core group, got younger, faster, upgraded the back court, will be HEALTHY, will implement a SYSTEM that will play to the strength of the players, and replaced some of the leadership that was lost last year will struggle to win 40 games and be at the bottom of the conference? Ok

Keith Schlosser
Keith Schlosser

Clearly you just had something to say, and decided you'd say it here on this post, regardless of how relevant or irrelevant it might be to this particular conversation.

Nowhere in this piece do I go into specific predictions about the Knicks' place in the standings. If you happened to read such analysis from another writer on this site elsewhere, I suggest you go comment on that piece instead.

What's more, I'm not necessarily suggesting that J.R. Smith will come up in the clutch. I'm merely pondering how much of an impact he may have, based on the comments made by others in the organization. It's not out of the question for a team to expect something of substance from their second-leading scorer of the past two years.

Whether or not Smith can succeed in the triangle is anyone's guess, but the fact of the matter is (like you've alluded to), the Knicks don't exactly have too many options. Who else do they turn to? Who else HAVE they turned to in the past? That's why it's relevant to bring up J.R. Smith's name in the conversation. How much success they'll have continuing to do so is debatable, of course.


Ehhhhhhhhhhh sheet ep!!!!!!!!

Yeah, you did not say any of those things I mention. You did not say anything, actually. And that's the problem.

You wonder how Smith might fit. You wonder if the Knicks will do well with Fisher. Every 'analysis' centers around a fool-proof "IF": if JR Smith can contribute to the triangle....[insert rosy outlook ].

When was the last time this site provided analysis that had the Knicks as a team full of question marks at every position, except for Carmelo? When was the last time anyone noticing that we lost our second-best player and replaced him with a bunch of scrubs? When was it mentioned Calderon is a mediocre bench point guard who has been elevated to starter caliber by all the wishful-thinkers you pander to?

Safe, impersonal pseudo-analysis will get you the crowd you just lost: a bunch of people making a lot of noise about anything except basketball.

That said, it's your blog - you do what works for you. I can only decide if I stay or go. I'd prefer to stay, but the empty writing may push me out. Not that it matters much, though. I grant you that.

Keith Schlosser
Keith Schlosser

Again, you're putting words in my mouth. I don't appreciate that. There's no need.

First, I'm an employee of SNY. I produce content here. I don't moderate. This isn't "my" blog, though it's become my home for Knicks content.

I can only speak for the work I've produced. I've personally addressed some of the questions you've alluded to, re: the position battles and the uncertainty of the starting lineup. If you'd like me to refer you to some of the pieces, I certainly can. Let me know. It's clear you haven't read my entire body of work here, but that's okay.

I've given no rosy red outlook. I simply haven't ragged on the Knicks like you'd prefer. That's your opinion. It's not mine. They'll be a playoff team, I believe. If we have a difference of opinion, that's cool with me. That's what makes the world go round and increases the rate of discussion.

I have a difference of opinion with you, re: Calderon. You call him a "a mediocre bench point guard who has been elevated to starter caliber by all the wishful-thinkers you pander to." To me, he's a point guard who's started 83% of his games since the 2007-08 season. His numbers (consistently) hover over those of players who have cracked into the 50/40/90 club. Only 6 players in NBA history have done so successfully. He's a smart guard who knows how to run the floor. That's something the Knicks need.

You're certainly right about Chandler. The Knicks lost their second best player. But they received plenty of assets (not to mention, an upgrade at point guard). They're building for the future, clearly. The plan isn't about winning a championship this year.

Having a difference of opinion is fine with me. Let's go back and forth respectfully to express and support our theories.

Thanks for reading.

Two quick points- don't want to hijack the thread:

1. I honestly appreciate you taking the time to address my posts.

2. I have not singled you out when presenting my opinions about the blog. I think the all-rosy, non-commital strategy is afflicting evetyone to different extents.

I will just say this about Jose Calderon: he is not much better than Felton. mark my words.