Saturday Mashup: News, Links and More

In one more day we’ll find out what we have here in the Giants. They need to win tomorrow to show the fans what they are made of. If they allow the Eagles to come in here and do what they normally do (beat the Giants), then we’ll be fielding your suggestions for the next eight months on what changes need to be made.

If they walk out of MetLife Stadium winners tomorrow, perhaps we’ll feel a little bit better about this season. Or maybe not. It’s tough to repeat, but not qualifying for the playoffs for the third time in four years is what we’ll be focusing on. We’ll have some scathing articles for you over the next few days as to why this team has been skidding off the runway lately.

Much of that failure lies solely on the Giants’ inability to win games within the division, specifically the ones vs Philadelphia. Ironically a win tomorrow, unlike in other seasons, will not guarantee them a playoff spot.

The Giants will pull out all the stops tomorrow to ensure that Andy Reid and Michael Vick’s going away party doesn’t include them.

GEICO SportsNite has coverage of the Giants and their injured players as they prepare to face the Eagles on Sunday.

Here are some links for your perusal….

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