Saturday Links: Diehl Retires; Ryan to coach TEs?

Giants news this morning is dominated by the retirement of OL David Diehl and the hiring of Danny Langsdorf as QB coach….

  • Sean Ryan, out as QB coach, to handle the tight ends (Raanan)
  • In appreciation of a true blue Giant, David Diehl (Graziano)
  • David Diehl career Infographic ( 
  • New QB coach Langsdorf has special connection to Gilbride (Orr)
  • Snee could be remaining vet on Giants’ OL  (Hutchinson)



is snee a legitimate keeper or is there nepotism here, blood is thicker than water as they say and tc has always had favs imo.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

" Snee could be remaining vet on Giants’ OL  (Hutchinson)"

Not for long as Snee should be the 1st contract the Giants void.