Friday Morning Report: War of Words Heats Up

John Fennelly , Lead Writer

So Bengals’ WR  AJ Green told everyone the emperor had no clothes yesterday, and the emperor woke out of his daze. All the kid said was the Giants’ defense has “holes” in it.  It’s like asking a five-year-old what color suit Santa Claus wears. It’s a no-brainer.

The Giants took umbrage to the remarks, as they should. They needn’t take their frustrations out on Green, however. Just go take a look in the mirror. This defense is leaky. It shows on the stat sheet and in the films, which are now available to every layman in the land thanks to the NFL selling them online.

“The game has to be played on Sunday and if he sees holes, hopefully he’ll find them,” said safety Antrel Rolle, “We don’t worry too much about talk or what’s being said. We’ll see come Sunday.”

“It is what it is and everybody has their own opinions about our defense and it is what it is,” said DE Jason Pierre-Paul. “Come Sunday, all we’re going to do is play football before our bye week. So we’re going to give them the best shot we got and hopefully it falls through.”

“There’s holes in every defense and there’s holes in every offense. That’s why you coach,” said DC Perry Fewell. “That’s why you play, to correct the mistakes that you make and you go out and try to win a football game.”

Tom Coughlin, who said Green was a “very good player” yesterday (and he is, by the way  – his 8 TDs lead the league) rarely responds publicly to criticism, but in this case he decided to defend his team.

You can’t make a generalization, you have to look at the individual play and then you can comment on it,” explained the coach. “The one the other day, we actually had four guys that should’ve had the (runner) in a circle, but he came roaring out of there and nobody seemed to move fast enough to be in position to cut him off. There is a different reason for everything.

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