Strahan Raised the Bar for Giant Excellence

Former Giants DE Michael Strahan has been named a finalist for the Hall of Fame

Former Giants DE Michael Strahan has been named a finalist for the Hall of Fame

Our man at, Greg Hanlon comes a retrospective of Giant great Michael Strahan, who is a finalist in this year’s Pro Football Hall of Fame balloting:

THAT CAREER SPANNED 15 YEARS: From the tail end of the Lawrence Taylor era to the beginning of the prime of the Eli Manning era; from Dan Reeves to Tom Coughlin; from the ridiculously non-matching navy blue helmets with all-caps “GIANTS” to today’s retro “ny;” from a doughier physique for Strahan to a streamlined late career version; from a franchise that was adrift following the advent of free agency to one of today’s most perennially successful.

For all his bubbliness and attention-seeking off the field, Strahan was straight lunchpail on it. His game was more sound than eye-popping, defined by an utter lack of weaknesses and and by his consistent effort from down to down, from season to season. His completeness is evidenced by the fact that he was the all-time single-season leader in sacks, but was likely a better run defender than pass rusher.

“It was his mental fortitude. Mentally he was just stronger than the guys he was playing against,”  said Jeff Feagles, the Giants’ punter during the 2007 championship season.

“He came from a military background, and he was very disciplined about everything, to the point where he did everything the same every single day. He even spoke to the media on Thursdays. He motivated guys because he didn’t tolerate laziness.”