Reese on Quest to Get Giants Back Up to Standards

Giants GM Jerry Reese is focusing on getting his team back up to standards this year.

Giants GM Jerry Reese is focusing on getting his team back up to standards this year.

“I have a couple of numbers that I’ve been bouncing around in my head. The (first) number is 190. That’s 190 days until the Super Bowl is played at MetLife Stadium over there. So, it makes me think about sense of urgency for our team, and the other number is the number 1. And that is, we’ve been to the playoffs one time in the last four years. So, that’s below our standards. We have to play more consistent. I think those are two things that I want to focus on the most….

We’ve had different things that have happened to us that have knocked us off-kilter a little, but all I know is we’ve been in the playoffs one time in the last four years and that’s really not acceptable for us. That’s not our standard, that’s not what we shoot for and we want to put everyone on notice, myself included. Everybody’s on notice. That’s not our standards” – Giants GM Jerry Reese

Ah, but it has become the Giants’ standard. It’s been all or nothing around here lately.  But Reese is correct in the assessment of his team. They’ve let more chances get away than they should have.

Sure, they’ve won two Super Bowls since 2007 – which is an accomplishment no other team can claim – but from a thousand feet up, the Giants are ordinary most days.  It weighs on Reese….

“We just try to do what’s best for the Giants. I say this every year, we don’t really have a template on how we do things, we just try to put the best roster together the best that we can, anyway we can do it.” the GM said yesterday.

The system is conducive to helping the have-nots of the league get out of their own way: the draft, salary cap and the weighted schedule favor the teams that perform poorly.  The Giants, who haven’t had a losing season 2004, are consistently challenged to not only tread water, but to swim upstream. It has not been easy.

“Sometimes we can do it the draft. Obviously we like our draft picks, but sometimes in free agency, with our salary cap situation, and sometimes the free agent market just isn’t a good market for you as well for what your needs are. We think we put together a nice roster, but, again, our roster, to get all the pieces we want, it probably won’t be finished until Week 1 when we get ready to go to Dallas.”

And that’s all the Giant fans are asking. To give them competitive team. And Reese has done that. This year’s version is off to as good a start as one could ask. The complacency has dissipated from last year’s Super Bowl hangover and the sense of urgency has returned. They have no open contact issues and loads of players looking to make their mark via one-year, “show me” deals.

“I think when guys are on one-year deals it’s definitely a sense of urgency for them as well. If you want to continue to play in this league, you have to play well. It’s a high performance business. So those guys on the one-year deals, I think it’s a sense of urgency for them for sure,” Reese said.

That is what will drive this team forward.  That will be the motivation.

“We’re always motivated,” Reese added. “I don’t think we have to throw somebody’s contract up against them to be motivated. We have competitive guys on this football team and we expect guys to be motivated when they come out here and give us their all.”

Tom Coughlin always says it’s about competition, so let that competition begin….