Tom Coughlin Updates Injuries

Tom Coughlin held his usual Monday conference call with the media today and spoke about the team’s injury situation after their victory over New Orleans yesterday:

On RB Ahmad Bradshaw, who left the game in the first half with a knee issue. He returned in the second half, but was clearly not himself.

How is Bradshaw feeling today and would the knee be anything that could keep him out of a game?
“Well, he’s being examined even as we speak and we’ll know more about that when these medical examinations are completed.”

Is there the feeling that it wasn’t a serious thing after the game?
“No. I don’t know what to… Anytime you are talking about a knee and you are going through a series of tests and you’re better off to wait and see what the results are. I wouldn’t speculate on anything right now.” 

Is he having an MRI?
“Yeah. All the tests. All those types of things.”

On Hakeem Nicks, who is dealing with knee and foot issues and is clearly playing in pain.

Is Hakeem feeling all right?
“I don’t know what ‘all right’ means. He’s sore. He’s still… the issues with the knee and so on and so forth. So he’s going to continue in the same capacity that he’s been in. I wish that he would have an opportunity to play after no longer having any issues, but that’s not going to be the case this year. So I think he’s continuously monitored throughout the course of the season pretty much on a weekly basis. So there’s nothing unusual about that and hopefully… I thought he had some plays in the game last night that showed real quickness very similar to what we’re used to. Now it’s not there all the time and so he does have these issues that are going to be with him throughout the course of the year.” 

You said it looked like Hakeem wore down a little bit towards the end of the game. Is that a result of those issues he’s working through?
“If you’re asking me if the accumulation of the first three quarters had an effect on how he felt late in the game, I would say yes and I would think there’s nothing really unusual about that.”

Other players…..

How is Victor Cruz’s shoulder?
“I think he’ll be fine.” 

Prince’s hamstring?
He did strain the hamstring and we’re going to have to see where he’s at. He’s been treated and he will continue to be treated and we’ll just have to see the severity of it as we go along this week.