What to Expect Today: The Unexpected

Jim Mancari: Everyone has been saying that the Giants come through with the season on the line. I also believe this is true, but I have a feeling it’s not going to be easy beating the Ravens traveling to Baltimore. I’m expecting a tight contest with a few big plays/mental mistakes on either side which will decide the game. The Ravens’ defense is banged up, but the team has also lost three straight games and would rather not limp into the playoffs. The Giants need to score touchdowns when they get to the red zone in order to win this game. Sure, Joe Flacco has not been playing great, but with a player as explosive as Ray Rice, he can find the endzone every time he touches the ball. And Lawrence Tynes better be on target, because this game will likely come down to his leg. Giants 20, Ravens 17

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

I stopped predicting Giants games a couple of weeks ago. It was becoming futile. Who knows whether Jekyll or Hyde will show up (Jekyll is the good one, btw). The Giants’ offense should be able to make some headway against this Ravens defense. Ahmad Bradshaw should play and┬áHakeem Nicks is a week healthier, so having those two will help. That being said, the Ravens’ offense should be able to do some damage as well. The Giants will probably be chasing Ray Rice all day.

New York has to get their return game going. Today’s game is outdoors, so David Wilson should get some opportunities.

Both defenses will most likely be spectators. Don’t expect The Ravens to mount much of a pass rush on Eli Manning. The Giants’ pass rush is so flummoxed that they probably haven’t even noticed that Joe Flacco has been sacked 34 times already this year. The Giants believe their pass rush problems are stemming from their inability to stop the run, and stopping Rice will be a major challenge.

Today’s game with the Ravens could very well be like old joke about the two guys who meet in mid-air:

The falling guy says,”Do you know how to open this parachute?”
The rising guy says, “Do you know how to light a gas stove?”

If the Giants manage to come out of this game with a win, and their recent track record says they will, the conversation will take a positive turn. Then only team that will be able to stop their playoff run is Philly. Uh oh.