Giants Look Heartless and Hopeless in Loss to Ravens

John Fennelly , Lead Writer

They couldn’t have played any worse in a game where they needed to be at their best. The Giants were trounced by the Baltimore Ravens this afternoon, 33-14, in a game that Baltimore took control of from the first minute and never let go.

The Giants were pushed all over the field for the second week in row, and whatever the reasons be, it was inexcusable and difficult to watch. They resemble a team that is resigned to going home for the winter rather than one that will fight to the end, swinging and clawing in defense of their Super Bowl title.

They began this season in familiar fashion, going 6-2 in the first half before falling off the cliff with two wins in their next seven. Hard to believe this is happening again. Harder to believe is the fact they are still alive for a playoff spot going into next week (scenarios to follow).

The real question should be: are they still alive? They sure didn’t look it. At a time when you need to be playing your best football, the Giants are playing some their worst in years.

No need to recount the numbers. We’ll do that tomorrow when I’m less angry. It’s W and L time. Style points don’t count. Just get the W. The Giants have forgotten how to do that.