Too Early For Concern? Of Course Not

It’s never too early to be concerned about the Giants. It’s never too late, either. Their offense the past two games has been anemic compared to the first seven weeks. They won last week, and you would not get an argument if you called them lucky. Yesterday, they got some luck, but sometimes that’s not good enough to beat a quality team like Pittsburgh.

The defense has been giving up big plays for years, so Isaac Redman and Mike Wallace knifing through them was no surprise. The special teams had been solid up until the past two games. The kick coverage has been very lax.

But the offense is what has everybody concerned. 11 first downs last week. Only 13 this week. Very few big plays. For a team that relies on their vertical passing game to carry them, they are treading on dangerous ground.

Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless discuss the level of concern for the Giants following loss to the Steelers.