Friday News: Wilson healing; Eli on McAdoo

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Giants RB David Wilson tweeted he has his neck brace off and appears to be psyched about his rehab and recovery after undergoing surgery recently to rectify a herniated disc.

The Giants are likely pleased about Wilson’s exuberance, but to be clear, they are not expecting him in camp this summer. The team has stated they are in the market for running backs even if they re-sign Andre Brown. New OC Ben McAdoo and RB coach Craig Johnson will discuss with management the type of players they will require to run the new offense. Former Green Bay RB James Starks has been rumored as a possibility having played under McAdoo with the Packers.

QB Eli Manning is excited about playing in Ben McAdoo’s version of the West Coast offense. After last year’s disastrous offensive showing, the ten year vet is ready to return to being a championship-level quarterback.

“I’m excited about Ben coming in,” Manning said yesterday on a conference call. “I talked to him before we hired him … before he interviewed with coach Coughlin and was very impressed with him and his offensive mindset and also his preparation on how he likes to get ready, his drills with quarterbacks and the things he’s done in the past. I’m excited about what he’ll bring to the Giants and look forward to getting in meetings and getting with him and seeing what I can do better and what I need to learn and how this offense is going to go. So I’m looking forward to getting back to work with him.”

Eli is coming off his worst full season as a pro. The new offense will require him to throw shorter, more high-percentage passes which will cut down on his INTs. The pace will be more “up-tempo” which is where he is most effective. When there is a sense of urgency, Eli usually gets hot and stays there. Unfortunately, former OC Kevin Gilbride did not put Eli in hurry-up offenses unless the situation called for it.

“The Packers’ staff was (coaching) in a Pro Bowl a few years ago and I met Ben there,” he said. “I was around him. Obviously, he was coaching the quarterbacks and I was there to kind of put together some sort of offense. It probably wasn’t exactly their whole offense, but you got a little piece of it. I think the west coast offense has kind of changed a little bit over the years and a lot of people are running a lot of the same plays. They call it different things, but they’ll have their little tweaks and different things that they do that they’ve done in Green Bay, where he’s been under that offense. I’m looking forward to learning. You may call it different things. It’ll have some different ideas, but it’s still about playing football and having great footwork and mechanics and throwing it to the open guy.”


Giants need to bring in an established/healthy/reliable back, they can bring Brown back as well but he and wilson can not be counted on. 


wilson can't be relied upon physically or emotionally we need to move on.