Will ‘Good Eli’ make his return to Giants?

Going into the 2014 NFL season, the general public is not very high on the Giants’ offense and QB Eli Manning in particular. He is coming off his worst season as a pro (18 TDs, 27 INTs, 39 sacks and six lost fumbles) and the “elite” conversations are no longer being entertained.

A new “west coast” style offense geared to speed things up and simplify decisions for Manning has been implemented, but he has yet to completely embrace it to date. Eli has looked tentative and more out-of-synch with his receivers than he did last season.

With new RBs and several new faces on the offensive lines, the Giants’ offense is a work in progress, to put it kindly. But many believe the sweeping changes designed to help the two-time Super Bowl MVP will actually be too much for him to overcome in getting his career back on track.

Giant fans are resigned to living with “Bad Eli” because of the upside “Good Eli” possesses. But after watching him struggle last season and again in the preseason (48% completion pct and a 70 QBR) if “Good Eli” will ever return.

LoudMouths Chris Carlin and Adam Schein wonder if Eli Manning is in for another dreadful year based on the Giants’ offensive struggles this preseason.

Joe Alegre
Joe Alegre

I'm going to quote a Grantland article linked on ESPN a few days ago about Eli and their predictions for the upcoming season . . . I think you'll enjoy . . . I know I did:

The fading veteran revitalized by a scheme change

2013: Philip Rivers
2014: Eli Manning

I’ve suggested this in the past on the podcast, but it seems like an obvious comparison. Rivers had been declining for years at the helm of Norv Turner’s offense because it no longer fit San Diego’s personnel, as the offensive line just wasn’t good enough to keep Rivers upright for very long. With Turner fired, the Chargers turned to Mike McCoy and Ken Whisenhunt, who installed a West Coast scheme that relied on Rivers’s accuracy and allowed him to get the ball out quickly. The result was a massive improvement.

That’s almost exactly what is happening in New York. Over the past five seasons, Manning’s average pass has traveled 9.24 yards in the air, more than anybody else in football. That was great when he had an excellent offensive line and receivers like Plaxico Burress and Hakeem Nicks, but in recent years, Kevin Gilbride’s downfield passing attack has failed to fit his personnel. With a middling offensive line (one that’s already been ripped apart by injuries this preseason) and smaller receivers, new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo is … wait for it … installing a West Coast offense that is designed to get the ball out quicker and appeal to Manning’s accuracy. He might not get the same dramatic results Rivers enjoyed last season, but at the very least, it should stave off concerns that Manning’s time in New York is coming to a close.

Oh, and as for that crappy preseason Manning just struggled through? I wouldn’t be concerned. While adjusting to the new scheme during the 2013 preseason, Rivers went 20-of-33 for 166 yards with zero touchdowns and two interceptions, producing a passer rating of just 48.3. The preseason means nothing, remember?



the FACT that you CONJURE the " GENERAL PUBLIC "


Your suggestion that a West Coast Offense was IMPLEMENTed,

to simplify decisions for ELI, has ZERO MERIT....

it was REESE's TUNNEL VISION that 'caused the 2013 Season DEBACLE !!!!!

MIRED by POOR FA signings,

Project Player Drafting and

GROSS Negligence of SAL-CAP Management.....

REESE has FORCED this HISTORIC Franchise,

into a EPIC Nose Dive.....


in this NEW  NFL,

that FAVORS the PASSing GAME....

the Simple WINNING FORMULA starts with---

1. a Francise QB. got that, ELI....

2. A O-LINE that can Pass Protect. NOPE !!!!!!!

REESE is the PROBLEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ELI is the BEST thing the GIANTS have Going for them...

.........Mr.F--- YOU make me SICK

SNYGiants moderator

@Skookaloop You are a Reese-hater who does not see the obvious problems facing the Giants. Everything that goes wrong here is Reese's fault. 

He can't throw the football for Eli, who is so erratic these days, I'm beginning to wonder if the Giants are seeking an exit plan for him....

Joe Alegre
Joe Alegre

@Skookaloop @Joe Alegre none.  The post was meant as a positive to show that Eli will do fine in the West coast style.  BTW, Rivers had 32 TD's to 11 INT's last year.  I'll take that line from Eli in a heartbeat.


@SNYGiants @Skookaloop

1st, i DON'T Hate REESE......


So the OBVIOUS Problem is ELI ?!?!?!?!? LMAO---

maybe you should ask TiKi,

if ELI can throw a SCREEN PASS....

he AVERAGED 500yds REC 2005 & 2006...

RB Derrick Ward had 384yds Rec in 2008....

the OBVIOUS Problem is the O-LINE !!!!!!

WAKE-UP !!!!!!!!



2. TE's

3. WR's

4. RB's .... for YEARs.......

,,,, and thats JUST the OFFENSE.....

Do you really think for 1 SECOND that

QB Dree Brees, QB Aaron Rodgers or QB Peyton Manning,

could play BEHIND the 2013 or this 2014 NYG's O-Line.....

Your a JOKE....

the Season has not even Started,

and we are all ready staring 3rd string O-Linemen & Rookies.......

REESE is the PROBLEM.....


@SNYGiants..... If you are talking about an exit plan for Eli, obviously that would be Reese's investment of two draft picks for Nassib. I don't have a whole lot of faith in that investment, but I will say that Nassib seemed much more comfortable with this offense than Eli did during the preseason.  But if the Giants don't make the playoffs again this year, I think the exit strategy should be for Reese and Coughlin.