Weds. Notes: Paring of roster gets Giants one step closer

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

The preseason ends Thursday night with the Giants hosting the New England Patriots at MetLife Stadium. They will not play another game until the regular season opener on Monday, September 8 vs the Lions in Detroit.

Before then, they must trim their roster down to 53 players which must happen by Saturday at 4 p.m. Yesterday, the Giants made roster decisions on 15 players. S Cooper Taylor (foot) and WR Marcus Harris (shoulder) were placed on IR and will miss the entire 2014 season.

Taylor and Harris were both having breakout training camps and the news that they will miss the season was a hard pill for the Giants to swallow. Two other players were waived/injured: LB Justin Anderson (hamstring) and DE Emmanuel Dieke (knee).

Ten players were waived outright: CB Charles James, CB Ross Weaver, S C.J. Barnett, S Kyle Sebetic, LB Spencer Adkins WR Travis Harvey; TE Xavier Grimble, TE Jerome Cunningham, OL John Sullen and DT Everett Dawkins.

PK Brandon McManus was also due to be waived, but the Giants traded him to the Denver Broncos for an unconditional draft pick instead.

The news on LG Geoff Schwartz (dislocated toe) came back positive yesterday. He will be in a walking boot for 7-10 days and will then begin a rehab program.

The following players did not practice on Tuesday and are not expected to play tomorrow night vs the Patriots: OLs Brandon Mosley (back), James Brewer (back) and Charles Brown (shoulder); DT Marcus Kuhn (ankle); and WRs Odell Beckham Jr. (hamstring) and Trindon Holliday (hamstring).

WR Victor Cruz is optimistic, even though the Giants’ starters will play 15-18 snaps on Thursday. Usually the starters do not play in the final week of preseason.

“Just more continuity, ” said Cruz when asked what he feels the offense needs to get out of this game. “Just continue to build on some of the things that we did last week and be able to put things together more. Build off that last drive that we had in the second quarter in the two-minute drill and build off that a little bit. Hopefully we can get that done and look a little more fluid. We felt a little bit better out here today than any other practice this week, so we’ll see how it goes.”

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Anthony Giammattei
Anthony Giammattei

Spencer Adkins, #49, seemed to be a high energy LB.  Sorry he didn't make it.


@Anthony Giammattei ....  It's possible he could be brought back via the practice squad. I'm not sure why Herzlich continues to survive on the roster, since he hasn't accomplished much of anything as a player for the Giants. Maybe Adkins or someone like him will eventually replace Herzlich if he doesn't start producing something meaningful beyond special teams play.

Jason Silberman
Jason Silberman

@Anthony Giammattei more a sign of what looks to be one of the better Giant linebacker groups in many years. Other than Beason (who is looking to back for week 1), no major injuries, Kennard has played very well - not too many spots available. 

Frank D
Frank D

Herzlich is the guy who runs the defense when Beason is out. He's making all the checks and adjusting coverages. He may not show up in the box score, but until someone else can run the defense, he's got a spot.


@Frank D ....  That may be true, but McClain can do that job in the middle as well or better than Herzlich. Hezrlich isn't the only man capable of running the MLB spot. I was a steadfast Herzlich supporter, and I personally think he can still salvage his potential that the Giants saw in him when they signed him to his rookie contract. However, I don't think he's lived up to the talent level from his college days. I think he's always been more suited to starting on an outside LB position than the middle LB spot anyway, and that has probably been the reason for his underwhelming production thus far, because the team is making him play a position not best suited to his talents. It's the same thing the Giants did with Kiwi.

This team simply can't afford to give out roster spots to good guys, no matter how inspirational their stories. The Giants need real talent and players who can make an impact and contribution beyond just special teams. Had Herzlich been able to live up to those original expectations, the Giants possibly wouldn't have bothered trading for Beason in the first place.


@spider43 @Frank D


LB Herzlich's career is OVER.....

1. he is only here because REESE got him Cheap,

and the NYG's LB's where Bottom of the league...

2. In the NFL, "Not For Long"

you  get ONE Chance,

second chance's, are rare....

Herzlich has had Many Opportunities,

His Performance has NOT Excelled....

3. Now ROSTER Buried,

by Beason & McClain,

Herzlich just doesn't Have the SKILL-SET to OVER Come their Play....

4. If he DID have said SKILL-SET,

WE would have seen it by now....

5. How many Other TEAMs would sign him ???


Herzlich is a NYG as long as REESE,

needs a LOW Coast LB Back-Up,

that can QB the D....

Chris Molloy
Chris Molloy

@Skookaloop  Herzilich does not belong on the roster. but who cares, he has value on special teams and weather it's him or Adkins the Giants record will not be affected by this