Thursday Notebook: Patient Giants not panicking

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

The preseason means nothing. I remember saying and writing that many times over the years. So what’s the big deal if the Giants’ starting offense is misfiring in August? As long as it’s in synch from September through February, that’s all that matters.

The offensive line is going through some shuffling right now and head coach Tom Coughlin was asked if this was because of the recent injuries and performance or if it was the plan all along.

“It’s the plan all along,” he said. “We just want to mix them around, make sure that guys can be flexible enough to move.”

Coughlin has intimated to his team that it’s time to start putting things together. Friday’s game will tell us if the message was heard.

“We got the message,” said WR Victor Cruz. “We understood, he has a way of saying it that makes it very loud and very clear so we got the message and we understood that. He didn’t even have to say anything for us to know that we had to play better and we had to perform better from an earlier standpoint in the game, when we’re in the game. We understand that and hopefully we can change that come Friday.”

DE Jason Pierre-Paul isn’t too worried about his preseason stats. He was asked how important sacks in the preseason were to him.

“Not important,” said JPP. “It’s not important at all. We only get 25 snaps, that’s not a realistic number for me to play, play hard in 25. You don’t get a feel of what the offensive tackle’s doing or the inside rusher. I’m not worried about sacks in the preseason. Wait a couple weeks and we’ll see.”

Injury Front

Coughlin confirmed S Cooper Taylor (foot – sesamoid) will have surgery and IR is a “possibility.”

MLB Jon Beason (foot/ankle) is moving well in individual drills and is on schedule to return for the Giants’ regular-season opener Sept 8 in Detroit.

“As far as I know, he’s done well,” said Coughlin of Beason. “He’s done everything they’ve asked him to do. The movement on the field and what he’s done on the field has been good.”

CBs Prince Amukamara (groin) and Jayron Hosley (foot), WRs Odell Beckham Jr. (hamstring) and Trindon Holliday (hamstring), OLs Charles Brown (shoulder) and James Brewer (back), RB Peyton Hillis (ankle/foot) and TE Xavier Grimble (hamstring) all missed practice on Wednesday and will all likely be held out of Friday’s game vs the Jets.

Michael Jacoutot
Michael Jacoutot

Jints need to start fast.  

@ Detroit - L

vs Arizona - W (big game) 

vs Houston - W

@ DC - W

vs - Atlanta - W

@ PHL - L

@Dallas - W (I believe they match up well with Dallas due to Dallas' incompetent Defense)


vs Indy - L

@ Seattle - L

vs - SF - L

vs Cowboys - W

@ Jacksonville - W

@ Tennessee - W

vs Skins - W

@ Rams - W

vs Eagles - Big game decides the division...  11-5 with a win or 10-6 with a loss.  Jints need to go 4-1 in the division though to get to this and that is a task considering last year's garbage against the Cowboys.   I think they match up well against the Cowboys this year though so this is where I am going for the year. 

a 9-7 year this year isn't going to cut it




NO O-Line... NO Offense....

ELI will be the SCAPE-GOAT.....

FeWell will be RETIRED .....

REESE will Draft ALL Team Capt.'s.....

the GIANTS will SUCK 2015.....

ELI will be the SCAPE-GOAT....

TC will be RETIRED.....

REESE will DRAFT ALL Team Capt.'s....

the GIANTS will SUCK 2016....

ELI will be the SCAPE-GOAT.....

REESE will Trade ELI to the DOLIFINs....for a 2ndR Pick

REESE Drafts

1stR. DT

2ndR. QB (from the Dolfins / ELI Trade)

2ndR. QB

3rdR. QB

4thR DE

5thR. DT

6thR. DE

7thR. DT

with NO QB, a New DC & New Head Coach....

the GIANTS , MIRED in REESE's incompetence,

miss the PLAY-OFFs the next 4 years....

2017 --- 2018 --- 2019 --- 2020......

REESE is Fired........

the new GM, Bill Parcells....


I think it unlikely the Giants make the playoffs.

They need some good draft classes to return.

Coughlin will likely soon be gone.

I can see Reese being eased out if they go 7-9 

Eli is getting older.

The division is weak, so rebuild for a couple of years and come back and retake it.  Don't make lots of stop gap moves and have nothing to show for it a couple of years later.


According to some sports writers big changes will be made if the Jints don't make the playoffs in 2014-2015....and it could include GM and coaching staff. Look out Jerry Reese!! And this comes from some good sources.

Michael Jacoutot
Michael Jacoutot

@greekgod agreed.  need to have a big year.  if it's an average year 8-8 or 9-7 they are going to go into rebuild mode.  Need to go 10-6 or Eli will be out.