Giants spend Day One of workout program getting acquainted

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

The Giants opened the initial phase of their offseason workout program yesterday to an unusual ritual – introductions. With lots of new faces, including 15 veteran free agents signed over the past month, the club has a completely new look to it.

Name-Tag“It’s unprecedented, the percentage of change in this locker room,” said ninth-year DE Mathias Kiwanuka, as per the Giants’ website. “Those of us who are still here are excited for the start of a new season, but obviously it’s changed a lot. A lot of changes needed to be made, but whenever you’re a member of a team, it’s tough to see people go.”

OL Chris Snee and QB Eli Manning, both entering their 11 seasons for the Giants, are the longest-tenured players in the locker room. Snee suggested name tags be put on their t-shirts to help everyone get acquainted.

“This is the most change I’ve been part of, for sure,” Snee said. “It’s going to take me a few weeks to learn all these guys’ names.”

Manning is not expected to do a whole lot here after undergoing arthroscopic surgery last week on his ankle, said he’s going to spend the next few weeks getting familiar with his new teammates. He’s taking all the changes in stride, as expected.

“That’s just kind of become football,” said Eli. “Sometimes you need change. We have a new offense, a new quarterback coach, a new offensive coordinator. It’s a learning experience for me, getting adjusted to that, having a lot of new teammates and new faces. There’s a lot of work to be done here, not only learning an offense but getting familiar with your teammates, building relationships there. It also is exciting. I think sometimes you’ve got to mix things up and change things up a little bit in your career. It will be a great challenge, but I’m looking forward to that.”

After an injury-riddled 7-9 campaign last year, the club decided an overhaul of sorts was needed. They’re still in the process of bringing in new faces. You can expect about ten more before camp. The Giants have seven picks in the upcoming draft, plus any UDFAs they may latch on to. Get those name tags ready.


Houston- Khalil Mack LB

Face it there are no sure things, but there is one thing that I think is clear Mack is the most pro ready BPA in the draft.  Clowney might have more upside, but there are questions.  There are few questions with Mack and without a top tier QB in this draft you take the BPA at 1 and that’s Mack not Clowney.  Texas I am sorry but no Manziel. 

St. Louis- Greg Robinson OT

Best Tackle with the most upside in the draft to protect your QB.  They could go Jake Mathews here as well.

Jags- Jadeveon Clowney DE

Jags must be delighted he fell to 3.  They need a Qb, but again like Houston with this high a selection you cannot afford to miss of a QB so you take the BPA.

Browns- Blake Bortles QB

Seen Watkins here, but who is going the throw him the ball.  Need to get a QB then you get the Weapons.  Plenty of picks to do that later in the draft.   

Raiders- Johnny Manziel QB

Raiders once again cannot stay away from the flash and nothing changes this year.  Matt is a short term solution and with the raiders trading Pryor, Manziel would be a good option to mold for a season under Matt.   

Atlanta- Jake Mathews OT

How could you go wrong taking the best all around tackle in the draft.  QB’s best friend.

Bucs- Sammy Watkins WR

Bucs would have settled for Mike Evan’s and might have taken Manziel if he was not gone already.  But having Watkins drop into their laps gotta love that. 

Vikings- Derek Carr QB

Carr has passed Bridgewater in peoples eyes.  He might even be picked before Manziel.  But this is a good spot for him and the Vikings need a QB. 

Bills- Mike Evans WR

Bill’s are probably surprised Evan’s is still on the board and would have taken Ebron or one of the top two tackles.  Lewan is also an option at this point as well.  However, Evan is to Flashy to pass up. 

Lions- Eric Ebron TE

People have go CB and even DT at this pick, but with Ebron still on the board why not give Matt a weapon. 

Titans- Aaron Donald DT

Have seen Barr at this selection, but if you are going to go boom or bust selection at this point Donald might be the better risk. 

Giants- Zach Martin

I make this selection trying to think like the Giants.  First, it never seems to be the guy everyone thinks the giants need or that everyone seems to love.  Pugh is the most recent example.  The giant’s idea of their needs and BPA often differ tremendously from what everyone else thinks.  Would I love Lewan at this point absolutely, but Lewan might not be the Giants style.  For offense linemen they seem to like the lunch pale versatile guy who is not supreme at anything.  Martin fits the bill and I would not be surprised if he is rated higher for the giants than Lewan.  Some people see him as a Guard but I think like Pugh the Giants value versatility as an attribute more highly than other teams.  The fact that Martin can play multiple position is a plus. 


This draft is assuming not trade which there probably will be.  However, if I were the Giants regardless I would trade down into the 20’s in a deep draft.  Pick up another second or third and go from there.  If Mathew’s or Robinson or Evans are at 12 I take one if not I trade down.   



I really think You have the BEST MOCK Draft this YEAR !!!

Except that,

O-Lineman Zach Martin is a Level Below LT Lewan.....

LT Lewan is BLUE CHIP....

not to say your not Right, for many REASONs...

But i think REESE goes DT A. Donald.....