2014 Giants: Assessing the team’s core

The Giants will be building their secondary around CB Prince Amukamara

The Giants plan on building their secondary around CB Prince Amukamara

Sports teams have a heart, a core, or players that are integral to management, the fans and the future of the franchise. The Giants are no different. They have a core, but it’s a small and shifting one, and it’s evident that core needs to be expanded by Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin this spring. Here are our twelve core Giants right now:


QB Eli Manning is here for the long haul. His contract is a cap-killer, however. If he played lights-out, no one would have any complaints. Giant fans don’t complain too much about him but also don’t realize he’s vastly overpaid. If he wins another Super Bowl, I’ll withdraw that statement. But, he’s going nowhere, so he is at the center of the offensive core. It’s do or die with Eli.

WR Victor Cruz is right in there with Eli. The Giants made a significant investment in Cruz and we agree that was a wise decision. Cruz is one of the league’s top performers at receiver and under new OC Ben McAdoo, he should continue to build on his already record-setting career.

OL Justin Pugh had an impressive rookie season in 2013. Many felt his arms were too short to play tackle in this league. Have we mentioned that many who assess players are idiots? Pugh will be a Giant for however long he wants to be.

OT Will Beatty is a core player. Yes, we know he disappointed last season but the team is financially committed to him so he will be around for a few more years.

WR Rueben Randle has a ton of upside, but he’s shown lapses at times. The new offense should get him more opportunities to catch the ball and go instead of catching the ball with his back to the defense.


CB Prince Amukamara has turned the corner on his career and is the most valued player on the defense right now. He’s healthy and coming into his prime. It will be interesting to see just how good he can be going forward.

S Antrel Rolle is a Pro Bowl-caliber player who takes the lead on and off the field. I think everyone knows that. Just ask him.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul has to show the club he’s overcome back and shoulder surgeries. The Giants are relying on him whether he comes back 100% or not.

DT Jonathan Hankins is a very interesting player the Giants have yet to hand the keys to. He seems able to us and we’re expecting he’ll be an anchor on the defensive line in the future.

DE Damontre Moore is a natural talent who is only 22 years old. He displayed the ability to both rush the passer and make an impact on special teams in 2013.

Special Teams

LB Jacquian Williams is still a bit of an enigma to us. Point him in the right direction and he’ll deliver. The Giants have to channel his talents to help them the best way he can.

LS Zak DeOssie is one of the tops in his profession and he shows no sign of slowing down. We know quality long snappers are hard to find.


Can you imagine if the team that (if) takes Michael Sam what a circus that would create in the locker room and on the field arena. OMG!  It boggles the mind that our own Mr. Mara says, " I don't see any reason that Sam would not be a good draft choice and help a club that needs his services." 

Oh yea! Tell that to a media consultant.

The only reason he  came out is to make himself the "new Jackie Robinson"  And look at all the books he can write and make millions more.

It will be a  circus!!!!!!


I'll say it every time, Amukamura is totally overrated by Giant fans.

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

I guess he means "core" as in the players the Giants will build the 2014 team around.  The guys that are guaranteed to be around next season.

And I love what Eli has brought to this team, and as bad as some of the seasons has been, I wouldn't trade the last 6 seasons with any other team.

That being said, Eli's contract does take a huge bite out of the overall salary.  There's no denying that.  But it was a necessary evil.

And as far as mis-managing the cap, there is dead salary on every team's roster, not just the Giants.


one catch (best ever anywhere) by a player that should not have been thrown in the first place and another amazing catch led to 2 sb wins and naturally the qb gets the mvp's and all the credit. 

this qb also has led the league in interceptions three times and possibly thrown more than anyone else while in the league, but to the believers he can do no wrong, this is why some are fanatics and some are fans who take off the rose colored glasses and try to be logical when evaluating their own team and not ignore the obvious.

Billy Suede
Billy Suede

Not sure how a two time super bowl mvp is vastly overpaid when guys like matt ryan and Joe flacco make near the same amount. The name of the game is to rock the jewelry. This guy has delivered when it matters so he earned his keep as far as I'm concerned.


ELI is a CAP KILLER, LMAO, LOL ?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?...

the NYG's Cap Killer is REESE, by MIS-MANAGEMENT....

OVER PAYing Players like BAAS,

CB C. Web made $4M-$5M last year.. for 4 GAMEs...

REESE originally  wanted to pay him $8.5M, for the 2013 season....

and now C. Web is CUT,

and REESE still has DEAD Money to Pay him...

Just look at OT Will Beatty,

what an Awful, BAD CONTRACT DEAL REESE made !!!!!

I could go ON & ON,

about BAD Contracts Reese has OVER PAID....

I would Suggest you do some Homework...

...... or, just keep Mailing it in and Cashing your Pay Checks....

Just like your Best Buddy REESE,

has been doing for the last 2 YEARs !!!!


Moore and Hankins are not core players.  They have to perform on the field before they get that tag.  

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@georgie Don't really know what this has to do with the above article, but I think of all people Donte Stallworth did a great job of explaining about how this will or won't be a distraction.

It all depends on the team.

He cited the way the Pats treated the Aaron Hernandez situation, as opposed to the way Miami treated the Martin-Incognito situation.

Every coach, front office guy, and player was talking about Incognito, and the team made it a distraction.  They went 4-4 since the story hit.

The team made one statement about Hernandez, released him, and then NO coach, player or Front Office guy ever mentioned him again.  He wasn't a distraction at all, and the team was in the AFC Championship game.

Yes, it's an apples to oranges comparison, and The Pats are a much better team than Miami, but there's an example of two teams with to completely mindsets when it comes to handling an controversy.

If any sort of class organization drafts Michael Sam, it will be no distraction at all.  They will make a statement right away.  Something to the effect of "Our players sexual orientations have never been a distraction in or out of the locker room, nor will it ever be a distraction.  If for any reason it does become one, it will be handled quickly and internally."

If he goes to the right team, I'm thinking by preseason week3, this will be a non-story.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@cole3244 During both seasons that the Giants won the Super Bowl, it was mostly Manning who carried the team and I'm not just suggesting in the Super bowl. Without written so much here, go look up who the Giants needed to beat during their 1st Super Bowl with Manning and also look up Mannings performances in those games in both years. And remember this, you do not beat Tom Brady twice by throwing one miracle pass.

John Fennelly
John Fennelly

@Billy Suede  They let his cap figure balloon. Poorly managed. Now they have to extend him out to mitigate the cap hit. He's 32. Are they planning on keeping him until he's 40?


@Billy Suede  QB salaries wreck teams.  Maybe Eli should recognize the defense won both SBs and give some of the money he isn't earning up.

Tamás Asbóth
Tamás Asbóth

@Skookaloop Go back to 2013 february. Tell me one person who didn't want Beatty back. Nobody expected a bad performance from him. Webster should have been cut a year ago I accept that. But Baas had decent years before 2013. Eli overpaid? This is a joke. On the other hand watch the other teams cap situation. There are some other team in a much worse situation than the Giants.

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

@drewc I guess they didn't want to just do a list with like 6 total players on it. That list really show how thin the Giants are on impact players on all sides of the ball with how they had to really stretch to find guys to include as the core of the team.


@SuperDuper @cole3244  

eli haters never want to talk about the postseasons as a whole that manning had but choose to focus on one or two plays as a means of discrediting him. 

how about we go back to the days of kent graham, dave brown and danny kanell. those were the days...


@hashburry @Billy Suede  eli has been restructing his deal every time the team asked him to. 

please stop about the defense already. eli saved the giants' bacon in both games. 


@Brian Webster @Billy Suede  

Don't buy the LIE....

There is Plenty of CAP SPACE to Pay and ELI-TE QB....

.. it's when your GM, 

Over Pays Bad Free Agents

misses time after time in the Draft,

( IE. Drafts a 4th String QB's with 2 draft picks that will NEVER Play)...

Pays CB C.Web $5M ....

Over Pays OC Baas...

has $6M - $7M in Dead Money,

that Screws up your Cap...

REESE has COOKed the Books...

.........ELI is not in Charge of the Check BOOK !!!

Billy Suede
Billy Suede

He got paid after the first super bowl and has restructured since. That doesn't apply here.

Cut Eli today and you'd have at least 20 teams rushing to sign him five minutes after the press release goes out.

I should also add Matthew Stafford and Jay Cutler to that list.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@Tamás Asbóth @Skookaloop Beatty will be moved to RT and he will succeed. Beatty is not a natural LT and it showed last season. Move Beatty to RT and Pugh to either guard position.

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

 @Brian Webster @Billy Suede I'm saying past performance doesn't matter when determining if a QB is currently overpaid. I'm not debating whether the Giants should've signed him to the contract he got when he got it. I'm saying based on his current performance he is not living up to the size of his salary hence he's overpaid.

Obviously no one can predict the future with 100% certainly but you can look at the data such as the recent trend in his performance and his age to try to gauge future performance. That is the whole concept of being a GM and negotiating sports contracts.

And by all accounts the Giants will sign Eli to a new contract in the very near future that will pay him even more. This worries me greatly given his performance and age and doesn't make near the sense as it did his last deal when he was much younger and coming off a Super Bowl MVP.


@Brian Webster @Billy Suede  Let me break what you said down:

First, you said "I don't care when he signed his contract"
Then in the same sentence you said "
you should be judging on performance in current...seasons."

So essentially, the timing of the contract is very important. Seeing as he signed it the year he won a SB, I'd say that current season very much affected his final salary.  

But my favorite part is when you said we should judge on future seasons.  Are we to utilize a time machine or a crystal ball?  When they signed Eli, their assumption was that he would become a top tier QB.  However you want to debate it, the fact remains that we have 2 rings in the last 6 years.  

Not to mention the fact that top QBs will inevitably be paid.  Eli's contract is warranted if only for the fact that any team would have given him that contract.  


@Brian Webster @Billy Suede  

Read the ABOVE List of CORE NYG PLAYER's ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

3 of the 12 are ROOKIES !!!!!!!!

1 is a NEWLY, Over PAID L-OT,

that Just had a Horrible YEAR !!!

1 is the LONG SNAPPER !!!

JJP has had 1 Good Year,

IMO, his good year was

Only because of OSI & TUCK,

JPP was Never Doubled.....

NO QB could WIN with REESE ROSTER !!!!

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

@Billy Suede And all 4 of the QBs you mentioned had better seasons than Eli last year. Ryan 4515YD 26TD 17INT 89.6QBR, Flacco 3912YD 19TD 22INT 73.1QBR, Stafford 4650YD 29TD 19INT 84.2QBR, Eli 3818YD 18TD 27INT 69.4QBR. Cutler was injured and missd some games but if you extrapolate his stats out he was better as well with a 19-12 TD-INT ratio and 89.2QBR in 11 games (not all full games).

I don't care when he signed his contract like I said when talking about him being overpaid you should be judging on performance in current and future seasons. Plus he's going to be signing an even larger extension in the very near future.

I'd like for you to name the 20 teams that would be rushing to sign Eli at his current and potential future high price tag within 5mins of Eli becoming available. I guarantee I and many others would disagree with a bunch of them.


@Michael Stewart @Tamás Asbóth @Skookaloop  


Move Beatty to RT...

Now--- What Do you Do with his LT Salary ???!?!?!!!

2-3 Times, a RT Salary....

and Who PLAYs LT ?????

.......DRAFT a Rooooookie LT,

1st Round...

to START, GAME 1 ?!?!?!?!?!?

Bottom Line,

You Can't PAY 2 Starting LT's...

REESE has Cap Locked,  Beatty in at TL !!!

if you don't see this Now,

you WILL,

once You do the MATH ....

ELI .....will get ALL the BLAME,

Blamed for REESE's BAD Deals &


...the NightMare,

..........is just getting started......