Week 13 Final: Giants 16 vs Redskins 17

Fourth Quarter:

– Alfred Morris is running like a man possessed after his fumble in the redzone.

– Missed tackles by the defense and precise throws by RGIII are carving apart this Giants defense. The Redskins amke it look easy and capture the lead with their first drive of the 4th quarter.

– Jim Cordle commits his second hold of the day on Kick Return and this time it erases a 50 yard return by David Wilson.

– The Giants defense is being worn down by the physical running game of the Skins and that has opened up RGIII’sĀ  play action passing game.

– An offensive pass interference call bails out the struggling Giants defense and gives Eli a chance to capture the lead with 5 minutes to go into the game.

– Martellus Bennett makes a nice catch on 3rd and 10 but that’s negated by another untimely holding penalty. The defense will have to make one more stop and give the Giants a chance with time expiring.

– The Redskins can end the game with one first down and this Giants defense hasn’t shown the ability to stop the Redskins from converting this half.

– With a RGIII play action pass the Redskins wrap up the game and inch closer to a tie for the NFC East division.

Third Quarter:

– The Giants running game was the story of the first half. The team rushed for 86 yards and that opened up the passing game for Eli Manning to pass for 186 yards.

– Eli is getting nice pass protection from the offensive line and it’s allowing him to pick apart the middle of the Redskins zone defense.

– Jason Pierre-Paul crashes down on the running back and allows RGIII to run for a 48 yard first down.

– Chase Blackburn forces a nice fumble on his diving tackle on the ensuing first down run. Unfortunately the Giants commit a personal foul penalty that will back up the offense.

– Victor Cruz beats DeAngelo hall off of the line and the Giants get their first big play of the second half. This at worst flips field position for the Giants and at best leads to a 10 point lead.

– Victor Cruz drops the 3rd down pass and are forced to kick another field goal. The swing in points is enough to give the Giants a cushion heading into the 4th and at worst need only a field goal to recapture the lead if they so happen to lose it.


Second Quarter:

– The Giants have a penalty slow down their second drive in a row and Lawrence Tynes misses the field goal.

– The defense holds the Redskins offense after the missed field goal and the offense will have to drive the length of the field to score points.

– Eli Manning shows off his athleticism on 3rd and 4 with a spin and throw to Hakeem Nicks.

– Victor Cruz beats another Skins double team and picks up a big 3rd down for the Gmen.

– The Giants are already over their per game average for penalties. Discipline is hurting this Giants team in tonight’s match up. The Giants are a team that plays down to their competition and that is hurting them.

– On 2nd and 20 Eli hits Martellus Bennett down the sideline to pick up the first down. If they can limit the penalties in this second half they have a chance to steal this game on the road.

– Bennett runs a simple hook pattern 3 yards deep in the end zone and the Giants get there first touchdown of the game.

– The Giants secondary is falling apart at the end of this half and the Redskins are quickly in position to score heading into the locker room.

– The defense stiffens in the redzoneĀ  and the Redskins are forced to settle for the FG.

– Eli Manning finds Bennett again down the seam and the Giants get into field goal range in 40 seconds. Lawrence Tynes kicks the Giants into the lead entering halftime.


First Quarter:

– The Giants defense plays great against RGIII on the first drive and stop the Skins a yard short of the first down.

– The early challenge pays off and the drive continues for the redskins. Prince Amukamara’s timid tackling let the tight end stretch far enough to get the ball over the line. This Giants team needs to sure up their tackling to hold these Redskins skill players in check tonight.

– An unnecessary block in the back by Tyler Sash hurts the starting field position for the Giants. Eli must find his rhythm from deep in his own territory.

– Great timing between Eli Manning and his wide outs early and the running game is picking up steam.

– The Giants have another untimely penalty that forces the offense to play from behind in down and distance.

– The Giants are forced to settle for a Lawrence Tynes field goal.

– Osi Umenyiora nlows contain on 2 of 3 plays that possession and Stevie Brown’s forced RGIII fumble turns into a TD for the Redskins. Football games are often decided by the lucky bounces and hustle plays, the Redskins are leading the Giants in both so far.

– Eli starts this second drive with a deep bomb that is just broken up by the Redskins and comes right back to him for a gain of 9 on 2nd down.

– The Giants running game has renewed physicality tonight against this tough Redskins defense. Ahmad Bradshaw is showing the perfect mixture of explosion and patience.