SNYGiants NFC Power Rankings (Week 15)

Jim Mancari , Contributor

The NFC East will be a tight race down the stretch, but it’s looking like the NFC West will be too.

1. Atlanta Falcons 11-2 (Last week, 1): The Falcons were embarrassed by the Panthers, but they retain the top spot. The Giants can really send Atlanta a message this weekend.

2. Green Bay Packers 9-4 (Last week, 2): The Packers battled the Lions in the snow to pick up a victory. Just imagine if this team was healthy all season?

3. New York Giants 8-5 (Last week, 5): The Giants still have a few holes, but if David Wilson can be even half of what he was against the Saints, Big Blue has a new dynamic offensive weapon.

4. San Francisco 49ers 9-3-1 (Last week, 3): Despite the win over the Dolphins, the 49ers have shown that they are beatable.

5. Seattle Seahawks 8-5 (Last week, 7): Watch out for the Seahawks down the stretch. If the ball bounces their way, they might even capture the NFC West crown.

6. Chicago Bears 8-5 (Last week, 4): The Bears needed a win against the Vikings, but the vaunted defense could not stop Adrian Peterson.

7. Washington Redskins 7-6 (Last week, 6): Kirk Cousins led a late comeback, but RGIII is expected to play this weekend.

8. Dallas Cowboys 7-6 (Last week, 9): The Cowboys somehow squeaked out a victory, but their luck will eventually run out, especially if the Giants can lock up the division.

9. Minnesota Vikings 7-6 (Last week, 12): Adrian Peterson has a good chance of winning Comeback Player of the Year, even with Peyton Manning leading the charge in Denver.

10. St. Louis Rams 6-6-1 (Last week, 10): Another win for the Rams, but the playoff picture is looking bleak. Still a respectable season.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-7 (Last week, 11): Tough game for the Bucs against the Eagles. Another team with a much-improved season.


12. New Orleans Saints 5-8 (Last week, 8): Defense has been a problem all year for the Saints, but on Sunday, the special teams were even worse against the Giants.

13. Detroit Lions 4-9 (Last week, 13): The Lions put up a decent effort in the snow in Green Bay, but this really has been a lost season in Detroit after positive strides last year.

14. Carolina Panthers 4-9 (Last week, 15): Carolina showed a ton of heart in defeating the Falcons. They were a little cocky after the win though for a 4-9 team.

15. Philadelphia Eagles 4-9 (Last week, 16): Even after a win, the Eagles are still pretty terrible.

16. Arizona Cardinals 4-9 (Last week, 14): Nine straight losses, including a 58-0 drubbing by the Seahawks, has led to Vince Young wanting to be the quarterback for this team.

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