NFL Week 9 Final: Giants 20 vs Steelers 24

Kel Dansby

Fourth Quarter: 

– The Giants Special teams lets them down once again and the Steelers will begin the drive from the 12 yard line.

– It becomes a problem that the Giants can not hold onto a lead or put away teams with touchdowns. They can only have so many late comebacks before that philosophy hurts them.

– The Giants sniff out the fake field goal by the Steelers and they escape that drive unscathed. “The Special teams givith, the Special teams takith away!”

– The momentum belongs to the Steelers and they are easily marching on this Giants defense.

– Osi misses the tackle that could have forced a field goal and the Steelers score on the ensuing set of fowns. Now the Giants must rely on a struggling Eli Manning to mount another comeback.

– No Eli magic on that drive and the defense must play better against the run if they hope to get the ball back for this Giants offense.

– The Steelers dominate the Giants in the trenches and mount a comeback of their own. A strong running game and Ben’s passing on 3rd down was enough to exit Metlife Stadium with a win.

– The Giants must find a way to fix this comatose offense before next weeks match up.

Third Quarter: 

– Chris Rainey continues to carve the special teams unit of the Giants and just like that the Steelers are in scoring position. This has been the worst game of the season for this unit.  With Brown and Herzlich starting on defense the unit has really taken a hit.

– Tuck registers his second sack of the game and the Steelers punt from their own 36 yard line.

– The running game opened up that pass to Martellus Bennett and these smart passes are important for this Giants offense and Eli’s confidence.

– This is the first game where the running attack looks better than the passing offense. Eli has been out of sorts and Bradshaw has picked up the slack.

– Eli misses Cruz over the middle and continues his struggles. Tynes connects on the 50 yard field goal and the Giants once again put themselves ahead by a touchdown.

– Ben makes his first mistake of the game and Corey Webster intercepts his misguided pass. The Giants defense has held this Pittsburgh passing game in check through 3 quarters.

– Andre Brown is filling in nicely as the short yardage back for this Giants squad. His tough runs and ability to spell Ahmad Bradshaw has rejuvenated the Giants running game.

– Hakeem Nicks shows off his hands in ore than one way; the first by making a nice grab and the second with a nice stiff arm to pick up the first down.

– The Giants are unable to punch it in from the 2 yard line and settle for another Tynes field goal. Championship teams find a way to put the ball in the end zone in those situations.

– The Giants send an all out blitz at the Steelers and Mike Wallace makes them pay with a shallow slant route that goes for a 51 yard touchdown. Settling for field goals have now made this game a toss up heading into the 4th quarter.

Second Quarter: 

– The interior of this Pittsburgh offensive line has been dominating the line of scrimmage. Mark Herzlich having difficulty seperating from blockers and the defensive tackles are doing a poor job of keeping the linebackers clean.

– The Steelers convert the Eli Manning mistake into a touchdown. A slow methodical drive wore down this Giants defensive front and led to Ben having ample time to hit his wide out in the back of the end zone.

– Eli must sustain a drive and let his defense catch their breath on the sideline.

– Hakeem Nicks draws the pass interference and the Giants move into scoring range.

– Bradshaw is running hard and Gilbride continues to feed him as the Giants march deep into the red zone.

– Victor Cruz is injured on the throw by Eli Manning. Manning could have ran the ball easily into the red zone but instead forces another bad pass into traffic. The Giants have no chance to win if Eli is playing wit his D game.

– A personal foul gives the Giants a new set of downs and they give the ball to Andre Brown for the short yardage score.

– The offensive tackles of the Steelers continue to struggle as Osi Umenyiora strips Big Ben and Michael Boley returns the fumble for a TD. Play is under review but it looks as though Ben had lost the ball before his hand started moving forward.

– The play isn’t confirmed but it does stand and the Giants defense comes up with a huge play. The defense captures momentum and the Giants take their first lead of the game.

– The Giants defense is still being dominated in the run game. Pouncey is having his way with both defensive lineman.

– Issac Redman stumbles to the 4th down conversion and the Steelers still have an opportunity before the half. The Giants defense has allowed 98 yards rushing in this first half.

– This time JPP gets his opportunity against the rookie Adams and sacks Ben Roethlisberger.

– Domenik Hixon draws the pass interference call against the Steelers. Eli Manning’s two biggest plays of this half have been PI calls. The Giants are in position to add points to the board non the less.

– Tynes misses the 51 yard field goal attempt and the false start penalties take pints off of the board for them before the half. Once again the Giants find a way to keep the other team close.

– The Steelers use two passing plays to advance the ball to the 11 yard line and inch closer to the Giants before the half. The Steelers will receive the ball after the half.


First Quarter: 

– Reuben Randle gets the start today at the 3rd WR spot and makes an early rookie mistake. His failure to break off the back shoulder fade cost the Giants a first down.

– The Steelers must go 98 yards if they hope to add 7 points on this drive. The Steelers are no longer a down field passing team; they prefer to dink and dunk the ball down the field. Todd Haley will call a conservative game today.

– A Justin Tuck sighting on the first drive and his match up with the Rookie Adams will be one to watch today. Tuck should dominate on the left side of the D-line.

– Jayron Hosley and Stevie Brown are the play makers that have been missing from the Giants defense in recent years. These two young players have given this unit new life.

– The Giants continue to struggle ion third down and Weatherford punts for the second time in this game.

– As expected the game is slow starting and both teams are trying to shake off the rust of the previous week. With these two Quarterbacks its only a matter of time before points are put on the board.

– The Giants defense has been doing a great job mixing up their blitzes on 3rd downs and making Big Ben get the ball out of his hand quickly. Ben is most dangerous when he can extend plays and allow his receivers to get open deep.

– Eli Manning forces a pass to Victor Cruz up the sideline and just like that the Steelers have their first turnover of the game. The Steelers entered the game 2nd to last in the NFL with 7 takeaways.

– The Giants defense finding it difficult to stop this Pittsburgh rushing attack and Ben operating well when given manageable 3rd downs.  Field position and Turnovers will be the key to winning this game.

– The Giants special teams gives up only their fourth long return of the season and after an Issac Redman run they are right back in scoring position.