NFL Week 5 Final: Giants 41 vs Browns 27

Kel Dansby

Key Players:

Eli Manning – 25/37, 257 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT.

Ahmad Bradshaw – 30 Car, 200 Yds, 1 TD.

Victor Cruz – 5 rec, 50 Yds, 3 TDs.

Stevie Brown – 3 tackles, 1 Int, 1 FR.

Fourth Quarter:

– The Giants open up the 4th quarter with a glimpse of a pass rush, Osi Umenyiora applies pressure and nearly forces a turnover by Brandon Weeden.

– The Giants will look to run the ball and kill the clock for the rest of this 4th quarter. Ahmad Bradshaw has over 150 yards of total offense.

– Another missed pass interference call by the refs leads to an interception by the Cleveland Browns. The refs are now effecting the competitive balance on the field. Sometimes you must let a team be blown out and just make the calls as they happen.

– The Browns are making the most out of their new-found opportunity and are marching the ball down the field on this Giants defense.

– Chase Blackburn puts an end to another Browns drive with his interception in the end zone. Blackburn has turned into a nice Cover 2 middle backer and even showed great athleticism on the earlier touchdown pass that left him 50 yards down field covering a receiver.

– Ahmad Bradshaw begins the drive with a long run from scrimmage and rookie David Wilson ends the drive with an untouched 20 yard rushing touchdown.

– Down 21 points the Browns have to pass almost exclusively on offense and the Giants still cant muster a pass rush. These were the situations that the Giants defense looked forward to during games and used that time to pile up sacks.

– Ahmad Bradshaw used this game to make sure that Giants fans didn’t forget about him. He shows why the Giants are one of the most talented teams when healthy and what this offense has the capability of achieving.

– Bradshaw eclipses the 200 yard mark in the game and adds a huge dynamic to this Giants squad.

Third Quarter:

– The Browns continue to run all over this Giants defense but the D holds and force a punt around mid field. The pass rush has to be a major concern to Coach Coughlin because they have now been invisible for 33% of the season.

– Ahmad Bradshaw and the offensive line is trying to close this game out with some tough running plays.

– Eli Manning finds Victor Cruz for their 3rd touchdown catch of the game. The Giants begin to pull away from the Browns and look like a team that wants to be at the top of the NFC East.

– Josh Cribbs nearly takes a kickoff return for a touchdown but a hustle tackle by Mark Herzlich keeps Cribbs out of the end zone. The field position results in a field goal after a 3 and out for the Browns.

– The Giants offense goes 3 and out but a Browns penalty extends the drive for the Giants. Another break for the Giants and a chance to add more points before the end of the quarter.

– The referees must be tired of throwing flags against the Brown’s secondary because they miss a blatant pass interference call. The Giants are forced to punt after the no call.


Second Quarter:

– Eli Manning is patiently leading another drive down the field with the help of a methodical running game. Ahmad Bradshaw
is running like a man with something to prove. He knows that he now has to shoulder the load for this running game with Andre Brown out with a concussion.

– The Giants settle for a field goal on another long drive by Eli and the offense. It may take another 400 yard passing game by Eli Manning for the Giants to steal this game against the 0-4 Browns.

– Stevie Brown and the first inkling of a Giants pass rush help force a turnover and the Giants have the opportunity to tie the game before the half.

– Eli Manning leads a perfect scoring drive with a long pass to Reuben Randle and an adjusted run play at the line of scrimmage for the Bradshaw rushing TD.

– The Giants special teams makes another timely play and forces a Josh Cribbs fumble on the kickoff return.  Will Hill forces the fumble and Brown recovers it for the Giants.

– Eli Manning uses his cadence as well as any other QB in the NFL. On third and long Eli induces an offside penalty on the Browns and uses the free play to convert over the middle.

– Eli works play action again to find Victor Cruz for a touchdown, his second of the first half.

– Eli takes one final throw down field and it results in a pass interference call on the Browns. Tynes hits another field goal as time expires and the Giants enter the half with a 10 point lead.


First Quarter:

– The Giants once again start the game off slowly and Ahmad Bradshaw’s sloppy ball handling gives the Brown’s defense a turnover on the first play of the game.

– Trent Richardson makes his presence felt with 20 yards on two carries and a touchdown. This is not the way the Giants were hoping that the game would start, but Eli is used to bringing this team back from a deficit.

– The offense moves away from the running game for their second possession and Eli struggled to find any rhythm with his receivers.

– Brandon Weeden is making this Giants defense look like a Pop Warner squad to begin this game. A 60 yard completion gives the Browns an early 14 -0 lead. It has only taken the Browns 5 minutes to score twice on this Giants squad.

– The Giants aren’t mentally prepared to play this game and that is evident when Andre Brown takes the ball out of the end zone when their is clearly no running lanes on the kick off return. Everyone is trying to be the hero and no one wants to play their role on the team.

– Reuben Randle seems to be the go to receiver for Eli Manning so far this game. Eli seems to make a star out of  a new wide out every week.

– The Giants work play action to get an easy score to Victor Cruz in the corner of the end zone. Their is plenty of time left in this game and it’s up to the Giants defense to step up and make a play.

– The Giants defense is still unable to contain Trent Richardson and the Browns offense. The Giants forced a 3rd and long and the pass rush is still nonexistent. The defense has now allowed points on 8 straight possessions going back to last week’s game.