Ahmad Bradshaw, Kevin Gilbride prepare for Eagles

Jim Mancari , Contributor

If the last two weeks have proven anything, it’s that the Giants’ offense is incredibly inconsistent. Running back Ahmad Bradshaw and offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride met the media Thursday to discuss how the offense has prepared this week for the Eagles.

“We’re just not making plays that we’ve had some opportunities to make, and they’re there to be had,” Gilbride said. “Whether it’s a misfire of a throw, or pressure on the quarterback, you got two big plays last week.”

The Giants need plenty of help in order to sneak into the playoffs, but Bradshaw is only focused on the upcoming game.

“We can’t worry about anybody else but us,” he said. “All we can do is worry about the Philadelphia Eagles and what we’re going to do and how we’re going to execute.”

The Eagles obviously are a completely different team since last playing the Giants. Former secondary coach Todd Bowles took over for Juan Castillo as defensive coordinator, changing the team’s defensive philosophy.

“The last four games, they’ve been less likely to blitz,” Gilbride said. “What they’ve done, they really relied heavily on their front four to generate power and put some pass-rush and they’ve been very effective doing that.”

The Giants will have to establish a running game against that front four. The past two games, Big Blue’s running game has been lacking.

“When you’re playing behind you have to pass a whole lot and all we can do is just execute what we can,” Bradshaw said. “The offensive line has been doing great up front running the ball, just getting the quick jump on the guys.”

Bradshaw said last year’s Super Bowl run has no bearing on whether the Giants earn a playoff spot this year.

“We can’t think about last year and what we did last year,” he said. “It’s all about this team. We’re a way different team, and it’s a whole lot of new guys on this team.”

This team will have to regain its confidence if it plans on beating the Eagles. Regardless of a playoff berth, the team can at least finish the year on a high note.

“I would hope that we’ve been good for long enough that there will be determination, a reserve of confidence,” Gilbride said. “There’s a determination to come back and finish the season off the right way.”

A win would be great, but the Giants are hoping for a blowout after two disappointing weeks in a row.

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