Decision Time: Nicks or Cruz?

John Fennelly , Lead Writer

The Giants have finally reached the point in time where GM Jerry Reese has to make perhaps the most critical decision in his long tenure as a Giants executive.

Which WR are the Giants going to hang their hat on – Hakeem Nicks or Victor Cruz?

Keep in mind, you cannot have both. Not for the long-term, that is for sure. Nicks is entering the final year of his rookie contract. Cruz is a restricted free-agent that the team can keep one more season via an unmatched tender.

The bottom line is they must lock one of these players up before this season ends or risk losing them both. It has been widely reported that Nicks would like to go back home to Carolina and play for the Panthers. If the Giants allow him to test the FA waters, the Panthers will drive hard to the hoop and just might succeed.

Cruz in an international sensation, who’s suited perfectly for New York, but this is his best chance at big money and his handlers are not going to let that chance slip away.

So, Jerry, what’s the story?

Nicks is the first-rounder the Giants figured would anchor their WR corps for the next decade. Why would they deviate from that plan? Because Cruz fell into their laps as one of the biggest UDFA finds in league history and he’s become sort of a de facto face of the franchise.

Only a player such as Cruz could knock the Giants’ plans off course. He is the most explosive player the team has had in recent memory. His ethnic origin has made him an embraceable star and his jersey is the 7th most popular shirt sold on the NFL’s online store behind RGIII, the Manning brothers, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Andrew Luck, Now that’s star power….

Reese is certainly in quandary. His success at amassing talent is finally catching up to him, a problem few GMs have these days…

Nicks is a natural. A receiver who does not have to be open to make plays. Not many of them around. The Giants would be nuts to sell him short. Cruz is the once-in-a-generation star teams salivate over. Reese will have to make a tough decision soon on who it’s gonna be.

Should the Giants just proceed with locking up Nicks (with his history of nagging leg injuries) and roll the dice on Cruz?

It seems like the way to go. Sign Nicks now and place a first-round tender on Cruz with the hopes that no one floats an irresistible offer under his nose. He is worth a first-rounder, you have to admit.

Will the Giants be able to match those offers this spring? Probably not.

What’s your opinion?