Cruz Should Be Getting Pro Bowl Call

Giants’ WR Victor Cruz led all NFC wide receivers in the Pro Bowl voting this year and if common sense holds true, should be on the NFC roster when it is announced early tonight.

Last year, Cruz was named a second-team All Pro at WR, but did not attend the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. The Giants were a little busy that week. He spoke to the media this afternoon about the experience.

Will you be keeping an eye on the Pro Bowl roster as it comes out tonight?
“I’ll be looking at it. Obviously, as a fan, as an athlete, you’re going to be looking at it. Hopefully, all of the people that I expect to be in it are in it, all of my friends and teammates.  We’ll see how it goes.”

Are you anticipating the Pro Bowl announcement later today?
“I’ve been watching it. I’m a little eager, so I’ll be watching.”

What would that mean to you to be on the roster?
“It would be an extreme honor, obviously. Growing up, you always watched the Pro Bowl just to see some guys that made the team. You always think that those guys are the best of the best, so I would definitely be honored if I made it.”