Cruz’ Comments: Complimentary or Provocative?

Giants’ WR Victor Cruz, who beat the Redskins earlier this year with a 77-yard TD catch, told reporters yesterday that Washington was a “still a few pieces away” from being a contender.

While Cruz’ words may ring accurate – the Redskins are a rising team that is only a few players away – is it wise for him to be making comments such as these the week of the game? A game Tom Coughlin has called the most important of the season?

Here’s what was said:

Reporter:I know it’s hard to keep track of all the other teams, is there a sense that Washington is a team on the rise in your division and a contender, at that?
Cruz : I think so. I think they have a really good team and it all starts with RGIII. I think they’re definitely a good team and they’re definitely a team that can do some good things. I would definitely say they’re on the rise, for sure.

Reporter: Do you see them as the biggest threat in your division? Is that something you can say, now?
Cruz: I think so. I think they’re still a couple of pieces away from actually being contenders and legitimate talks for playoffs and things like that. They’re still a few pieces away, whether it be defensively or whatever they’re missing. I think they have to be in the conversation. They’ve got a good team, they play good football, they hold the ball for a long time and they really do some good things. I’d definitely put them in that conversation, for sure.

Nothing really wrong with that exchange. Depending on who’s ears hear what, it can be taken in several ways. I’d take it as a compliment if I were a Redskin, but personally, Cruz should not be talking openly about other organizations. It’s just not the Giant way.

Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless of ESPN’s First Take discussed Cruz’ comments on this morning’s program.