Transcript: Tom Coughlin 5.11.13

The Giants held their morning session outside today at rookie camp. Head coach Tom Coughlin met the media afterward:

“Glad to get the day in, to be honest with you. We looked at the weather last night and this morning – it wasn’t supposed to happen but we have been out here and I’m glad we did.  I hope we get out this afternoon as well.”

 Q:  Would you go inside?
A:  Yes, if we have to.  I don’t want to.  It is nice to be outside.  We have a little space.  You have a lot of people running around in unfamiliar territory.  So we spread them out a little bit.

Q:  What did you like about Aaron Curry?
A:  He worked out well for us.  Of course, he was the fourth pick in the draft.  I looked at some of the grades, and the grades were outstanding.  So he is anxious to have an opportunity and we are anxious to provide him with one.  Hopefully the two will meet and we will get a very talented player who can come into the Giant organization and play the way he was graded coming out of college.

Q:  Have you ever seen any of that in the NFL?
A:  Not really, but I didn’t study him.  We studied him coming out then, ‘Okay, he is drafted, he is playing in Seattle.’  But he is definitely a talented kid.  He worked out well.  He will get down a little bit.  The weight was a little bit up but he had warmed up well before he worked out.  He probably lost a couple or three pounds while he was running.

Q:  Your experience with a guy like that – obviously he has a lot of talent – didn’t quite fulfill his potential – do you ever see guys that come back later in their careers –  in a few years down the line they start playing like everybody thought they could.  Or is it usually more –?
A:  Well, I hope so.  That is the whole deal, yeah.  Everybody hopes that.  I wouldn’t say there is any reference point for me to go talking about anybody.  But that is the idea.

Q:  Jerry (Reese) said he is more of a middle linebacker or SAM at this stage in his career.
A:  Probably, we’ll see how it fits.  He is a bigger NFL–type mold linebacker.  He will probably play at 255 or somewhere in there.
Q:  How did (Justin) Pugh look at right tackle?

A:  He has been there the whole camp so he is getting better every day; more comfortable with it.  The language barrier is becoming a little bit easier for him, as it is for the others.

Q:  You mentioned after the draft when you drafted (Damontre) Moore that he is a young guy; there may be some maturity issues.  When he comes in here do you talk to him about it right away?
A:  I will.  We bring them in this weekend so we can keep them here.  So I’ll have an opportunity.

Q:  You mentioned that Saturdays were good – Monday through Fridays weren’t so good for Damontre.
A:  That is kind of the way – I’m just repeating what was told to me.  But to his credit, he has come out and practiced hard.  He kind of had a smile on his face.  He has done what he was told to do.  He is learning as he goes, obviously.  So we would like to keep him that way – hungry and not sure.

Q:  There are a lot of young guys out there.
A:   Yes

Q:  You guys obviously talked a lot about Cooper Taylor and his combination of size and speed?  Has that translated on to the practice field so far?
A:  We’ll see.  It’s very early.  There is no nickel, no substitution defense.  So he has been base – base as a safety.  We’re dropping the safeties down right away against two-back sets.  So hopefully it will transfer over into the sub package.

Q:  It is not contact drills, but is there anybody unexpected that has jumped out at you the first couple of days?
A:  There is a player here and there that flashes.  Pretty much every play somebody does something that gets your attention a little bit.  But to say any one continuous guy, I think probably that one of the things that continue to grow on you is the way the quarterback (Nassib) is.  He responded to a new system – first time ever and was showing some ability to lead in the huddle and the huddle pays attention to him.  The offensive line seems to have responded pretty well to him.   He is throwing the ball, on occasion, well.  But there have been others.  The runner (Cox) has looked good on occasion – done some good things.  Defensively the front, (Hankins) has made a nice play today.  Moore made a play.

Q:  I understand Coach Fewell had a death in the family.  Obviously you are feeling for him.  When he is not here do the position coaches take on more responsibility or do you go and spend more time with them?
A:  Well, when something like this – which is very, very basic, the coaches just pick it up and go with it.  Organizationally it is the same thing.  The signals are made by Jim Herrmann and the calls come from the sideline that way.  Pete (Giunta) runs some of the pass drill type things.  So they just kind of jump in.  What happens in a camp like this – is when it is a first-timer – the players are very much involved with their position coach.  Coordinators start the meetings off, but then quickly – boom – they are in to their individual rooms.  That is where they are going to learn the most.  So it is just a continuation of that.  We all feel very badly for Perry and his family.  Perry did the best he could this week under difficult circumstances and then left out of here Friday.

*transcript courtesy Giants Media Relations Dept