Nicks Leaves Practice; Fake FG Among Highlights

Tom Coughlin fields a question from ex-Giant punter Jeff Feagles.

Tom Coughlin fields a question from ex-Giant punter Jeff Feagles.

Day Two of practice went off without a hitch. Two players reported issues, however. Safety Tyler Sash left the field with cramps and in a more serious moment, WR Hakeem Nicks was attended to on the sidelines and did not return.

I guess he had a little tightness in the groin and they held him. I really don’t know much about it,”Tom Coughlin said. “I went over to find out, and, of course, it’s autograph day, so I really didn’t get much of a response.”

More from the coach….
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Transcript: Tom Coughlin 5.11.13

The Giants held their morning session outside today at rookie camp. Head coach Tom Coughlin met the media afterward:

“Glad to get the day in, to be honest with you. We looked at the weather last night and this morning – it wasn’t supposed to happen but we have been out here and I’m glad we did.  I hope we get out this afternoon as well.”

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Tom Coughlin “Energized” at Combine Presser

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin was on the podium at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis this afternoon, the site of his Super Bowl triumph a little over a year ago….

“I know you don’t have any questions for me this year,” said a smiling Coughlin. “By the way, John Mara answered all of them, so don’t ask any of the ones he did.”

On not having Andy Reid in the NFC East any longer:

“Andy’s a good friend of mine. He went through a tremendous personal loss. Very difficult season for him. Our hearts went out to Andy and his family and Tammy. He’s and excellent football coach. It’s very difficult to think he was there for 14 years, probably won 70% of his games, I don’t know exactly what the number is. Just an outstanding football coach, an outstanding person and it’s an unusual thing to say but to have him in the division..I’ll miss him. He’s on the Madden Committee, I’m on the Madden Committee. We got a chance to spend some time together this week, so it was good. I’m happy for him and his family and I’m sure he’s looking forward to hi new adventure.”

On facing new Eagles’ coach Chip Kelly:

“Well, I know Chip from his stays at New Hampshire and the tremendous job he did at Oregon. We interviewed him at one point here in New York and he’s done a superior job. He’s an outstanding football coach and he’s going to make it interesting.

On having one year left in his career:

(Laughs) “I wondered how long it would take to get to that. You know, I tried to think of something funny to say about that but I don’t know what to say about it in terms of, you know…I don’t even know how a young man (Terrell Thomas) would come to that statement, but I approach each year the way I’ve always approached them. They energy’s flowing good. I’m excited about it and looking forward to this offseason getting our football team together again.

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Transcript: GM Jerry Reese 12.31.12

“The bar is set very high here and we didn’t get the job done. I wish I had something clever to say to you guys, but that’s soup to nuts. We didn’t get the job done. I’ll open the floor for questions.”

Q:  Do you understand why you weren’t able to get the job done this season?
A:  Well, it’s a combination of a lot of things probably. Right now, we’ll go in and evaluate everything that happened and look closely at the games we lost and why we lost them. We’ll try to correct those things in the offseason.

Q:  Does it frustrate you that you have so much talent on this team, yet there were some games where it seemed like nothing could go right?
A:  It’s very frustrating when you go out there and you see us play very well at some point during the season and then at other times, we don’t play very well. It’s a head scratcher a little bit for me and for the head coach and for everybody in the organization. Why can’t we be more consistent and play at a high level every week? But it’s the National Football League. Nobody plays at a high level every weekend. You see some of the teams…it’s a week to week league. Some weeks it’s Houston that’s on top, then Green Bay’s on top, then New England’s on top. It’s a tough league. It’s a hard league, but if you want to be good, you have to play consistent every weekend.

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Coughlin: ‘No Intention’ of Making Coaching Changes, Including Fewell

Tom Coughlin met the media for the final time this season. He heads off into 2013 with more questions than he would normally like to have, but did not indicate if he planned on making many – if any – changes to his staff or roster

Opening statement: Good afternoon. We met with our team this morning in their exit meeting, and we talked about the game yesterday against Philadelphia. I did think we played very well. I thought that it was a very fitting way for us to complete the season, with a very good effort, with good execution. We talked about pride and execution being the themes, and I think we did that. But, I immediately moved into… You look at your season, and sometimes when you walk off the field, having lost a game…for example, the first Philadelphia game 19-17, the game in Washington, 17-16…your thoughts are, “Boy, I hope this one doesn’t come back to haunt me, bite us in the butt in the long run.” But in reality, that’s what happened. I look at the first game of the year, the Dallas game.

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Disappointed Coughlin Has No Answers as Giants Get Sent Packing

Tom Coughlin was pleased the way his team finished the season today against the Eagles, but has no answers as to why his team played so erratically all season:

“We played well today. We talked about execution. The Sandy Hook elementary school children and parents were here today and we certainly wanted to honor and respect them. We wanted to try and do our part to help them in the healing process. I hope they left with some inspiration today.

We got off to some start in the game. We were all looking for some surprise. We didn’t know how it was going to come-they onside kick on the very first play and instead of just recovering the ball, Justin Tryon tries to advance it and the ball goes back to them, but Stevie Brown makes a play to put us right back in business. I thought we did a lot of good things today from an execution standpoint.

Certainly, Eli had a very, very good game. We rushed for 185 yards, which was an outstanding way to finish the season. Bradshaw went over 100 yards and Wilson, I think, had 75. We had a lot of contributions from a lot of different people. We played well on defense in order to hold them, certainly, to just seven points throughout the majority of the ballgame. They had their moments, which of course they will, because they are very skilled. Michael Vick is an outstanding player, McCoy is an outstanding player and obviously, they use their weapons to the fullest of their ability as well.

But I was very proud of our team, the way we played today. You are going to want to ask me about the last couple and I don’t have any answers for you on that one.”

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Coughlin Still Sees Team Goal as Within Reach

Tom Coughlin met the media this afternoon after what just may be the Giants’ final practice of the 2012 season. There’s nothing left to do for the Blue now except win their game Sunday and then rely on the kindness of strangers.

What is the atmosphere and mentality of your team?
“I think it’s pretty good. The guys are looking forward to the game. They’re looking forward to the opportunity that’s been given to them. They practiced well. They seem to be in it. Yesterday was a good practice. Today was also pretty good. Disappointed…We’re in the season. That’s a strange word right now. That’s yesterday. We have to deal with right now in the moment and we have a great opportunity. We need to go play a very good football game. That’s the whole purpose here. It’s not about what the scenarios are or anything of that nature. It’s about us taking our football team and playing as well as we can possibly play. Then we’ll worry about everything else.”

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