T2 Restructures, Signs 1-Year Deal

CB Terrell Thomas has agreed to a restructured contract with the Giants according to several sources (including Thomas himself)…..

From Rotoworld……

Financial details should emerge this week, but it’s expected to be a one-year, “prove-it” type deal where Thomas plays out the 2013 season in hopes of improving his 2014 market value. Thomas has torn his ACL three times, including the right ACL on one of the first practices of 2012 training camp. He is expected to compete for sub-package duties at cornerback and/or safety this summer.

Thomas was signed to a back-heavy contract last year – 4 years worth $17.4 million. Click for Details of Thomas’ 2012 deal.

The Giants would like to see Thomas come back to the point where he challenges for a starting spot, but that may be asking too much of him right now. His rehab appears to be ahead of schedule, but after two lost seasons, they might be resigned to taking things one step at a time.

“My knee feels great,” Thomas said as per the Giants’ website. “It was a little struggle at first. It was a little inconsistent with the swelling. But for the last month-and-a half I haven’t dealt with any swelling at all. It’s progressed the last two weeks since I started running. The doctors are really happy with the way I’m progressing. They had to increase my workload because it wasn’t enough.”