Tom Coughlin Wednesday Presser Highlight

Highlights from Tom Coughlin’s Wednesday morning presser at TIMEX


“I’ll say (RB Ahmad) Bradshaw’s not practicing”, the coach said in deference to Bradshaw’s once-a-week schedule.

LB Jacquian Williams (knee) and S Kenny Phillips (knee) will “give it a go” and do individual drills and the Giants take it from there.

LB Keith Rivers sustained a bruised knee a car accident, but will try to practice today. “Pretty good bruise, but a bruise,” Coughlin said.

On DT Linval Joseph’s knee: “He’s been back and forth with it for awhile.”

On making a roster move today: “Possibly”

Coughlin said the team was excited and the meetings have gone well. He said has not seen any overconfidence.

“The challenge is there. That’s been well addressed this morning.”

On the Packers

The Packers offense is “probably not where they want it to be” at 18, but their 12th-ranked defense is “a complete turnaround” from last year.

On Green Bay’s special teams: “there is nothing that they don’t do well. They cover well. They return well. (Randall) Cobb is doing it all this year and he’s having an outstanding year. He is the leading receiver, they run him out of the backfield. If you haven’t seen any tape, you’ll see him lined up as the single back and they do run him from that spot. He’s the punt returner, the kick returner, and as far as I know he’d not selling any programs coming in, but he does it all, now, and he’s been doing a great job with it.”

On motivation for this week

“It’s a huge game for them. It’s a huge game for us. I’m not going to stand here and talk to you about motivation. I could give you a half an hour. Why wouldn’t be excited to play. Look at the time of the year. After Thanksgiving, you better be playing your best football or on your way toward playing your best football if you’re going to be represented.”

“Quite frankly, I’m tired of answering all the questions about what’s wrong. Go out and play a game and play it well and we’ll answer the questions that way.”

On the Giants’ propensity to rise to the occasion

“In the past we’ve done that. We certainly have intrigued people along the way, though, and some opportunities we’ve could have taken advantage of that we didn’t, so, hopefully we’ll continue to play well.