Tom Coughlin Presser Highlights

Some snippets from head coach Tom Coughlin’s presser at QDTC this morning…

On if having a Monday game after a Thursday game is like having a bye:
“It’s not a bye week. It was an opportunity for us to be able to have some down time, for the players to recover – fi you will. Hopefully, that’s going to be a plus for us. We worked Monday and now, we’re here in what’s officially a Wednesday for us. We’ve got a few more guys out there and what we’re looking for is the progress thing. You know, from one day to the next with no setbacks.”

On the signing of RB Peyton Hillis:
“Hillis knows the offense. He knows the terminology. That helps a lot. He’s a bigger back…he caught the ball very well in the workout. He’s been around. He’s a veteran football player. We know he can handle the first and second down stuff and hopefully he’ll not be too hard-pressed to pick up the third down stuff as well.”

On Brandon Jacobs: “He’s practicing.”

On his reaction to the suggestion of benching Eli:
“I believe I said if I heard you correctly…’no’….(smiles)…It’s many of the questions I get. You would not want to know what I think, but I just quickly dismissed that question and let’s get on to the next one. He’s the guy. We’re gonna win again with Eli.”

Is there any benefit of sitting Eli for a quarter?
“Not in my opinion. I don’t see it, no.”

On preparing for Josh Freeman. Do you look at tape?
“Sure. And we played him last year. So we have that and we have all the cut ups from that…we’ll know the player.”

On Jon Conner’s pass blocking…can he help?
“Yes, he could. He does give us a security blanket if you will. He’ll be prepared.”

On the pass rush:
“Obviously we don’t have many numbers. We’re not getting to the QB. There are pressures that don’t go without a stat next to them. People do different things and if you want to take the mist recent game, the ball cam out quickly which it does. If you see someone coming and some of the protections are geared to take care of that for the QB. What has to happen for us is we have to do a better job in these one-on-one situations and also be alert. There’s always a chipper around particularly on the one side. Winning that one-on-one operation and beating some of the max protections that we’re facing. Some of our pressure packages – we’re not getting home with some of the speed and timing that we need, so it’s a combination of things.”

On blitzing:
“If you’re gonna bring them, let’s get home. Let’s be a factor. That’s been missing as well.”

On defending Adrien Peterson:
“Gotta get a lot of folks to the ball.”

On a timetable for Andre Brown (IR) and Marcus Kuhn (PUP):
“Bring them along slow. There’s a legitimate window that we would have to follow. If it happens faster, then. fine. But we’re going to move it slow so we can have a chance to get them in the best possible position when we do turn them loose.”

The coach also said that RB Michael Cox was “getting closer” to getting more reps. He has no timetable yet on David Wilson (neck).