Giants Regrouping in Wake of Hurricane Sandy

The Giants are, like everyone else around here, dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Tom Coughlin opened his presser this by acknowledging the citizens who were hit the hardest. He wished everyone safety and hoped their families “are healthy and safe.”

Coughlin was asked if facing a team the Giants don’t normally face (the Steelers) on such a hectic week where things are “pushed back” put them at a disadvantage:

“Nothing is pushed back in the NFL,” the coach stated. “Everything’s on schedule, everything stays on schedule. We’ve made some adjustments to try to accommodate in some anticipation of some issue we might have. In other words, starting late this afternoon, for example, but I don’t think that’s going to inhibit anything….we’ve been hard at it, the coaches have been hard at it. We’ve had pretty much a full day yesterday. I gave a little time for family time, and everybody took their laptops with them and we reconvened yesterday. I don’t see any issue which has stopped u from sticking with our normal routine, if you will. By tonight, after we practice late this afternoon, I think our entire operation in terms of the way in which we proceed with our preparation will be on schedule.”

On setting more of a ‘business as usual’ example to the team this week: 

“We’re not denying what’s going on. I think that’s foolish.  Everyone has been struck by this, and although I would like very much to make sure that the focus is 100% on the team at hand…I think you have to have a little bit of a mature attitude about these young men and their families and some of the circumstances they might be going through. Just like probably 85% of you sitting here, they don’t have power. They’re no sense in ducking that one.  We’ve got guys that have kind of doubled up and families gone to where they can where power is in existence, especially people with young children. I’ll try to do the best I can with that, but there’s no avoiding what’s happened here and quite frankly we don’t want to. That’s not our job. We realize this is a part of life. We’ve been struck by a blow by Mother Nature and we have to deal with it the best way we can  and hopefully we can and kind of categorize all the issues we’re dealing with. But when we get the players here and focused, they understand how critically important this preparation is.”


On Antrel Rolle (concussion): “He’s got to go through the routine, the process. We’re hopeful. confident that he will pass. We’ve got that in front of us.”

The coach said that WR Victor Cruz and S Kenny Phillips will work and TE Bear Pascoe would not. He doubted RB Ahmad Bradshaw would practice today.

More to come…