Giant for Life: Coughlin plans to keep on truckin’

Coughlin XLVI

Tom Coughlin is staying put. That’s the way the Giants want it and that is certainly the way he wants it. At 67, he is the oldest coach in the NFL. He’s still as vibrant and energetic as ever and has no plans of stepping away…

From ESPN NewYork:

I certainly do, and I’m blessed with good health and good energy and a routine that I think puts me in the maximum opportunity to stay healthy,” Coughlin said before mentioning his wife. “The other issue, of course, is Judy. If Judy’s healthy, and so on and so forth, and we both feel good about continuing … then no doubt will we feel that way.”

John Fennelly, Lead Writer

Coughlin is a proven commodity and the Giants know they are lucky to have him.  The Giants are aware of how difficult it is to find a head coach in this league. The candidate pool is fairly thin.

67 is the new 50, anyway. It is no longer considered old. Forty years ago, the life expectancy in America was 70 years. Today it’s nearly 79. Seniors also lead more active lives, too. In Coughlin’s case, he has as much energy as many of his players.

Now that he’s purged his staff of three longtime confidants, it’s clear he’s become a forward thinker. He’s thinking ahead with the hiring of Ben McAdoo as offensive coordinator.

Each year is a reset in the NFL, so off years are part of the package now. As long as there is a plan the Giants will be OK. And as long as they have Coughlin around, you can bet they have the right guy to execute that plan.


"Forward thinker"?  If Coughlin was a forward thinker, then he should have canned Perry Fewell in either of these last two off-seasons, and the LB coach, and the Special Teams coach as well. Coughlin also should have given more reps/playing time to rookies so that they could contribute rather than waste away on the sidelines or his doghouse. I will give you that Coughlin has more of an "open mind" than he used to have in his first few years with the Giants, but an open mind is not the same thing as a forward thinker. I still won't buy the argument that the "best TE coach in the NFL" needed to be fired for a new offensive system. Dallas was all too eager and happy to accommodate Mike Pope  for this blunder of a move by Coughlin/Reese.


as long as tc is happy the hell with the franchise or the fans they will just have to wait for the goodbye tommy chants to begin.

SNYGiants moderator

@spider43 He's a forward thinker now, after John Mara laid out the cards....