Coughlin Calling For More Continuity on Offense

Tom Coughlin adressed the media this morning at TIMEX, looking forward to the Cincinnati Bengals, but also reflecting back on the ’emotional’ loss to Pittsburgh.

On possibly losing focus with the bye week coming up:
“Focus on this game. Focus on this one game. That’s what your doing. You’re a pro. You’re expected to know what the circumstances are. Concentrate and focus on the game at hand and I think we will….a lot of teams in this league would like to be 6-3. We’d like to be 7-3.”

On if Eli will find ways to fix himself:
“No, we’ve talked. Yesterday we had a nice conversation. Most of the time it’s about fundamentals, about us getting going and ‘what can I do to help’ and little things that I can tweak in terms of practice that may help us. He’s been very responsive in regard to that. You know, we’ve been down this road before. He’s gonna get this thing right and get our offensive team going again and get on track. I fully believe that and have great confidence in his ability to do that.”

Something no one’s picked up on….
You don’t get any continuity on offense if you don’t get any first downs. We’ve haven’t made any first downs in two weeks…when you don’t make first downs you can’t get into your play calling. It’s like throwing darts at a board.”

He was asked what could be done in the way of play-calling to make more first downs…
“Everything we have listed is all to make a first down. And everyone’s a touchdown, too, by the way.”

The Giants have had to adjust to a shorter passing strategy, but that is not the way Coughlin like to do things….
“If you asked me ten years ago, I’d said every fifth play down the field. Let’s go..”

On his pledge to President Obama that they would meet again at the White House next year:
“He’s there, we need to get there.”


Hakeem Nicks’ knee swelled up. He is on the injury report, and Coughlin as asked if he did it Sunday.
“He did, so we’re going to rest him today.”

On Chris Snee: “He’s got the ankle. He picked it up really early in the game. He played the whole game with it. He’s injured. He will not practice today, no.”

RBs Ahmad Bradshaw and Andre Brown (shoulder) are both on the list. On David Wilson stepping up:
“David will get more work, but Andre Brown practices. He”l practice.”

The coach said Bradshaw will practice “once this week, I hope.”

S Kenny Phillips (knee) will be rested through the bye week.