SB XLVI Maintains Average Viewer Mark

Super Bowl XLVI set an American television viewing record with a total of 164.1 million viewers Sunday night. Last year’s Super Bowl featuring the Giants and Patriots maintained their record for average viewers at 111.3 million.

The 2012 NFL season concluded with another television milestone as Super Bowl XLVII on CBS reached a total audience of 164.1 million viewers (6:32-8:41 and 9:11-10:47 PM, ET), making it the most-viewed show in U.S. television history according to The Nielsen Company.

The 49ers-Ravens championship game topped the previous record of 162.9 million total viewers for Super Bowl XLV (Packers-Steelers) and marks the fifth consecutive Super Bowl to reach a total audience of more than 150 million viewers. Super Bowls account for the 22 most-watched programs in history in terms of total audience.

Most-Watched TV Programs, Total Viewers


Game  Total Viewers
Super Bowl XLVII (49ers-Ravens), 2/3/13 164.1 million
Super Bowl XLV (Packers-Steelers), 2/6/11 162.9 million
Super Bowl XLVI (Giants-Patriots), 2/5/12 159.2 million
Super Bowl XLIV (Colts-Saints), 2/7/10 153.4 million
Super Bowl XLIII (Cardinals-Steelers), 2/1/09 151.6 million

In addition, an average of 108.4 million viewers watched Super Bowl XLVII – ranking third all-time. Below are the top five ranked shows in that category:

Giants-Patriots Super Bowl XLVI (Feb 5, 2012) NBC: 111.3 mil
Packers-Steelers Super Bowl XLV (Feb 6, 2011) FOX: 111.0 mil
49ers-Ravens Super Bowl XLVI (Feb 3, 2013) CBS: 108.4 mil
Saints-Colts Super Bowl XLIV (Feb 7, 2010) CBS: 106.5 mil
M*A*S*H Series Finale (Feb 28, 1983) CBS 106.0 mil