Wheelhouse: Giants in Trap Situation vs Browns?

The Giants are coming off an emotional loss to division rival Philadelphia and will face a another tough rival next week in San Francisco. This week, however, they have a home game against the 0-4 Cleveland Browns.

The Giants have historically had letdowns in situations such as these in the past. Defensive captain Justin Tuck was asked why his team comes out flat in games against inferior opponents:

“I don’t know. I wish I knew an answer because you’re right. We’ve had a tendency to come out in a lull. I don’t know. I think we are kind of guarding against that this week. Coach brought up the fact that the last time we played Cleveland… what the stakes were and how that ended up, so I think guys are on alert for that, but I won’t be able to answer that question.”

The WheelHouse questions whether the Giants are in a trap game against the Browns.