Big Blue BlitzCast for Week 16: The Giants facing multiple changes this offseason

SNYGiants lead writer John Fennelly is joined by Jim Mancari, Craig Santucci and Marco Imperiati to discuss the state of the Giants after losing 23-0 to Seattle at home last Sunday and this week’s trip to Detroit.

This week’s topics:

Kevin Gilbride comfortable and smug. Time to move on?

New QB coach a must…no debate needed.

Antrel Rolle – like or dislike what was said…it needed to be said.

How do the Giants overcome paying Beatty so much money?

Eli: can he be fixed? What is the problem? What can the Giants do to level out his cap number?

Tom: is he still the best coach for this team?

Who will be the players to survive this mess? Is the problem as big as it seems or are their issues that can be addressed in the offseason (FA, Draft)

Is this the end of Hakeem Nicks in blue? Why the Giants won’t be signing him.


Do you really think the Giants as an organization can tolerate multiple changes?  It is their stubbornness and arrogance (sorry but true), and believing their own BS, that got them where they are, and those traits aren't changing until we get new coaching blood. Problem is our best asset, Eli, isn't getting any younger and needs to strike now.  I can't see it as TC et al will be kept and exalted as former SB winners while they tweak around the edges after another questionable draft and tight purse strings.  


I guess the best times to discuss how to fix your team is when they are losing.  Everybody knows how to fix it, but are there long conversations when something goes right?  Not really ..we just say, "we're great , awesome, etc.

Does anyone ever dissect what makes success? The answer is no.

I put this one on Reese for trusting in the health of Snee and Bass. Before the season I posted "as Snee goes so will the Giants"…where is my metal for that one?