Osi Thanks Giant Fans

Osi said this about his new team yesterday….

“This team is the most talented team that I’ve probably seen in my life…” That may be true, but they don’t have what he and many of his Giant teammates have: two Super Bowl rings.

Jimmy Kempski says the Giants will miss Osi, whether they believe it or not….

I think there’s a faction of Giants fans who don’t feel like they’ll be missing much by letting Osi walk. I couldn’t disagree more. The guy has 24 FFs in his last 5 full seasons. Osi can be a pain in the ass, and a whiner, but that production speaks for itself.

Does the Giants’ once frightening DL scare anybody anymore? JPP will be a star for the next 5+ years, but then you have a sharply declining player in Justin Tuck, another declining (and perhaps also now 1-dimensional) DT in Cullen Jenkins, and a promising although disappointing (last year, anyway) DT in Linval Joseph. And there isn’t much depth.