Wednesday OTA Notes: Hynoski Hurt; Nicks a No-Show

Tom Coughlin said he expected WR Hakeem Nicks at the team's OTA this morning.

Tom Coughlin said he expected WR Hakeem Nicks at the team’s OTA this morning.

Day One of this OTA session is over and the Giants got to see the full mix of rookies, veterans and free agents on the field together for the first time.

Except some were missing. We knew Victor Cruz would not be in attendance, but Hakeem Nicks? He was expected, but did not show.

“I don’t know. He should be here,” said head coach Tom Coughlin when asked about Nicks’ whereabouts. “Yeah, sure I did (expect Nicks).  I expect everybody here.  We’re trying to get our team better.”

Coughlin said Nicks’ physical status was not the reason for his absence. “No, but he would have some kind of limitations, I’m sure.  Not right away, but that is not the reason.”

“There was no reason to think he (Nicks) wasn’t going to be here,” said QB Eli Manning, who probably wouldn’t have gotten many reps with Nicks today anyway, but still feels the need for getting the work in:

“You want to make sure your guys are healthy at the start of the year and that’s always the number one thing, but you’ve also got to get some work. We need to improve. We’ve got to rep things. We’ve got to make sure we’re doing everything we can to make sure we’re playing at our best. That involves being healthy and also involves practice and getting reps.”

The Giants, like all teams, hope to get through these drills without incurring any injuries. On the second play of the practice, FB Henry Hynoski went down and was carted off the field.

“He kind of got (his leg rolled up on) and so we are taking a look at that.  I said a few prayers and I’ll continue until I hear what it is,” explained Coughlin.

Manning said he didn’t see what happened to Hynoski. “I handed the ball off and just saw him on the ground after. I don’t know exactly what happened. I haven’t seen the film yet. I don’t know how severe the injury is, so hopefully it’s not too bad and he can be back either for the spring or at least for training camp. I don’t know the results yet.”

Coughlin was asked a number of questions about newly signed LB Aaron Curry:

Could you offer any first impressions of Curry?
I haven’t seen enough, really. I think he is learning and that has kind of got him a little bit under control.

Does a guy like Curry intrigue you just because of what he has done in the past – how highly regarded he was at one time?
No doubt. No doubt. He was very highly thought of and a highly evaluated player coming out of college.

What is the feeling when you take a guy like Curry – about what you can do for him that somebody else didn’t?
The feeling is that maybe this time around the player has figured it out. Maybe he didn’t have it all in the proper perspective the first time around. Maybe we can cut right to the chase. He feels a little bit differently about having an opportunity to have a job.

Have you been around him enough at this point to sense the hunger?
That is what we talked about when he decided to come here. So I’m thinking that he will do nothing but get better.

Sometimes is it just putting him in a position to succeed?
I wouldn’t think that that was the reason. We’ll do whatever we have to do to get him in the spot that he needs to be where he can be his best.

Coughlin on the primary mission of OTAs:Get better; improve; improvement. There is always improvement. Yeah, there are young guys that have to come along, but there are veteran players that there may be one aspect of their game that needs to be improved upon. And we need to get better as a team. We need to get focused again as a team. We have had an awful lot of time away from each other. Now we have a chance to be together again and to get our thinking exactly the same and be on the same page. That is what this is all about is get yourself ready so that coaches can work with the players; get a feel for that. The personnel people can evaluate and see where there may be a need to help a certain area here or there. And allow that the individuals involved in the timing aspect of the game can work together.”