Moss Believes He’s the Best of All Time

John Fennelly , Lead Writer

Randy Moss says he is the greatest WR of all time…..

“Now that I’m older, I do think I’m the greatest receiver to ever do it,” Moss said as per the Detroit Free Press. “I don’t think numbers stand because you talk about this and this. This year has been a down year for me statistically. The year before I retired was a down year and then in Oakland was a down year.

“So I don’t really live on numbers. I live on impact and what you’re able to do out on that field, so I really do think that I’m the greatest receiver to ever play this game.”

An absurd boast by the veteran receiver, right? That is until you go to Pro Football and check out the numbers. Rice played 303 games to Moss’ 218. Using that as a baseline, a lot of their career numbers practically pair-off when you prorate them.

Rice is knee-jerkedly regarded as the game’s greatest receiver of all time. He has all the single-season and career numbers to back it up (except single-season TD record – Moss broke that one in 2007). Rice was also a postseason and Super Bowl beast.

Rice responded on television by holding up a Super Bowl ring and stating: “I impacted the game by winning Super Bowls.”

Don’t let Moss’ lack of a filter diminish his on-field achievements. He is/was a great player, too. He is not as good as Jerry Rice, but he is certainly in the conversation somewhere. But that’s a conversation that he shouldn’t be involved in….